Meeting:Committee (2019-02-18)

Committee meeting

18 February 2019

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.


  • Date: Monday 18 February 2019
  • Time / time zone: 4pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 7pm AEDT
  • Meeting channel: Skype
  • Attendees: Robert, Sam, Pru, Gideon, Tom,
  • Apologies: -

Minutes of previous meeting

Business arising and actions

WMAU Statement of Principles regarding indigenous communities

ACTION: To discuss / edit on comm wiki up to the 22nd February so as to be able to put into newsletter

discussion - regarding the two sections - policy of MOS in regards to terminology
Initiated by community vs welcomed by community
Language: global and Australian: Indigenous or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Wikimedia Australia respects the rights of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and every effort will be made to work respectfully within their cultural protocols. Wikimedia Australia supports projects, events, or collaborations which can demonstrate that they are guided and supported by the traditional knowledge holders relevant to the proposed project.

Wikimedia projects that involve Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people and content will ideally:

- Be initiated and led by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people
- Demonstrate the participation of key community representatives
- Deliver demonstrable benefits, resourcing and funding to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to enable skills development and the sustainability of projects.

Wikimedia Australia is available to assist with the recruitment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for Wikimedia-related projects.

To discuss a project contact us at:

Motion: That this be published as WMAU policy , subject to ongoing community feedback Moved:Tom Seconded:Caddie Passed unanimously Action: Tom to send to MIke (NZ), Asaf, posted onto Website, Newsletter

Conference planning

ACTION: Put process in place for planning

  • Note: Funding deadline for next round 2019-20: 19 September 2019
  • Investigate community event following WOW conference (Wed 12 - Fri 14 June 2019)

In-person meeting 2019


  • Motion carried over: The WMAU plans for a community conference 15 & 16 June 2019 at the University of Sydney.
  • Rooms can hold 170-200 people
  • Catering WMAU is responsible for (Ralphs was suggested)
  • WiFi would be possible but waiting on more info
  • Face to Face for committee
  • community engagement
  • Outreach to WOW attendees
  • report/review of WMAU activities
  • WMAU direction planning
  • (link redacted) - Caddie DONE
  • Venue - Robert Uni Sydney (above) &
  • Pru SLNSW Dixson Room avail quote $2500 plus catering

Survey of Australian editors

ACTION: Tom and Pru to draft survey, and report by 18 Feb

  • (link redacted) Conference grant survey version
  • Draft of (link redacted) WMAU introductory context text
  • Action: Tom and Pru to create a ‘teaser’ short query from a banner to precede the main survey

Gideon to assist in creating Banner (with Tasmania included)

Midterm report Simple APG

  • ACTION on feedback
  • (link redacted) Metrics reporting - include notes in report as to where metrics are coming
  • (link redacted) Financial report - include variation notes in report
Action: Pru and Robert - pending

Bank signatory

  • Publish minutes for last meeting including Motion - Secretary
  • Steve Crossin added as a signatory to the Wikimedia Australia Bank - Treasurer & Steve (ongoing, have been busy with other matters)


  • 2019-20 Plan and grant preparation - Due end March
  • Draft to Delphine
  • Set meeting time in Feb. 20-28th Feb meeting
  • Organisation / Partner program
Discussion about developing an organisational partnership program that recognises organisations we partner with, and who help us achieve our Statement of Purpose, eg
Must be minuted in both organisations
In-kind only - no financial implications
MOU written doc that spells out
Not a membership issue - requires a constitutional change
Advisability of a legally drafted template ACTION: Gideon to follow up
  • Scanner request: Taking up the Trail – WA Naturalists' Club (Gideon)


  • wmau - pru or robert
  • wiki club west - tom
  • wiki club nt - caddie
  • Consultation on (link redacted) Affiliates Chairpersons Group - WMAU voted for the most open option presented.

REPORTS - as needed

President's report

Presentation to Geelong & District Historical Society, Sat 9 Feb SA History Trust Pattypan load and Edit-a-thon, Sat 18 May 2019 Meeting with Paralympics Australia, 4 March Proposed meeting with GovHack

Secretary's report

Mostly re Wiki Club West issues in section at end of this document

  • Agenda lag - the need to re-configure either agendas, business or something as the amount of things that are beneficial to get through but seem to drop off from meeting to meeting - the prospect of some material being lost between years not just months - where most of the things that could be and should be dealt with an early face to face in the earlier part of the committee cycle seem not to be discussed at all

Correspondence report

Two recent retirees asking how to get involved in editing Australian biographies

Treasurer's report

Current Account balances: Westpac: Acc $52,747.76, CC $151.52, PayPal: $400.51
Income: ATO $1,012 ($259+$753), Interest $18.69 ($5.26+$4.47+$4.49+$4.47), $90 in memberships (9x$10), $205 in donations to the Westpac account ($10.00+$100.00+$15.00+$5.00+$6.00+$5.00+$50.00+$4.00+$10.00), $560.83 in donations to the PayPal account (numerous donations).
Expenses: Four month expenses (includes F2F) Nov to Feb, Linode $115.07 ($29.06+$28.27+$29.29+$28.45), Xero $200 ($50+$50+$50+50). VSP $460, Gideon reimbursement $160.17, Pru WLM reimbursement $645.50, Robert reimbursement $159, NT WikiClub $77.62, Robert reimbursement $44.60, Pru reimbursement $1,529.90, Caddie reimbursement $414.39
Transfer: 26 Nov 18 $150 from Westpac Acc to CC, 4 Feb $150 from Westpac Acc to CC, 11 Dec 18 Paypal to Westpac $802.24
APG tracking:

Thomas Shaffee VSP funding request of $460 via email approved dated 30 Jan 2019

Moved: Sam
Seconded: Pru
Moved: Unanimous

Membership report

no membership applications since last meeting

Communications report

Newsletter Feb 2019 - action Tom and Caddie to work on This Month in GLAM - February due 6 March 2019


Local activities

  • ACT
  • ANU training, April 2019
  • QLD
  • QWiki Club,
  • Art+Feminism edit-a-thon, Griffith
  • NSW
  • UTS Knowledge Managers Seminar, Mon 4 Mar
  • City of Sydney Libraries training, June
  • SA
  • History Trust SA, Edit-a-thon, Sat 18 May [GLAM Peak follow up]
  • VIC
  • Art+Feminism edit-a-thon, Richmond Library Sat 9 March
  • National Trust public art wiki training, Tues 7 May
  • WA
  • Wikipedian in Residency at Museum of Perth
  • Newspaper Project re-starting
  • WikiClubWest
  • Wheatbelt and Wheatbelt Railway projects re-starting March 2019
  • Music Project (proposed) - preliminary discussions
  • Maritime-people wiki training (AAMH)

National activities

Global activities



  • Meeting closed: 5.36/8.36pm
  • Next meeting: Sunday 3 March 2019 4pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 7.00pm ACT/NSW/VIC
  • Delphine meeting : 20-28 Feb
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