Meeting:Committee (2019-03-03)

Committee meeting

3 March 2019

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

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  • Date: Sunday 3 March 2019
  • Time / time zone: 4pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 7pm AEDT
  • Meeting channel: Skype
  • Attendees: Pru, Tom, Gideon, Sam
  • Apologies: Robert, Steve

Minutes of previous meeting

Business arising and actions

WMAU Statement of Principles regarding indigenous communities ACTION: To discuss / edit on comm wiki up to the 22nd February so as to be able to put into newsletter, Published: Action: Tom to send to MIke (NZ), Asaf, posted onto Website (done), Newsletter Action: still to happen (check with Caddie if she still doing newsletter)

Conference planning

Community event following WOW conference (Wed 12 - Fri 14 June 2019) In-person meeting 2019 ACTION:

  • Motion carried over: The WMAU plans for a community conference 15 & 16 June 2019 at the University of Sydney.
  • Robert seek further details from Uni Sydney
Conversation about choice from last meeting - facilities
and other details for conversation between Pru and USyd people
Offers dependent upon what USyd vs SLNSW - as to direction

Survey of Australian editors

ACTION: Tom and Pru to draft survey, and report by 18 Feb - not yet finalised separation of teaser from longer
discussion about the scope/range of logged in users vs ‘everybody’
responses - issues raised
banner is relatively simple -

  1. - only logged in english wikipedia
  2. - short survey
  3. - short survey - with responders followed up with longer survey if they ask
  • Gideon to assist in creating Banner (with Tasmania included),
  • not what I understood the discussion to be but ok I can create a banner.

put banner together - refer to wmf for double check?
discussion regarding banner/central notice at Meta -

Midterm report Simple APG

ACTION on feedback

Action: Pru and Robert - pending
The following areas of 2018-19 WMAU budget do not have requests for funding and action is required.
COMMUNITY SUPPORT $5,400 shortfall
  • WikiClub WA $1,500 Metrics: Number of events, New pages, new eds, retained eds, events, strengthen community connections & collaborations, supports editor retention. QUESTION: Does Digitisation proposal enable these metrics? - (Pru) nothing to do with current issues - was allocated prior to the current funding arrangement.
  • day visits to regional centres to engage with local community, costs hiring a mini bus, eg Toodyay, Jarrahdale, York
  • WikiClub NT $1,500 Metrics: Number of events, Total attendees, Edits, New pages
  • WikiClub QLD $1500 Metrics: Number of events, Total attendees, References, New pages SUGGEST: Ask State Library Queensland/Kerry for proposal for this

NSW & VIC $1500 Metrics: Number of events, Total attendees, References, New pages - RECOMMEND: Use towards Venue Hire/Catering for NSW event Sat 15 June 2019

  • Membership and donors: Recruitment of members and regular donors Strategy for marketing advice to prepare for / scope a campaign $800 RECOMMEND: Organise external advice. Increase to $1000
  • Strategy work: Research partnership Movement strategy / research into Indigenous community $800 RECOMMEND: Organise external advice. Increase to $1000
  • $2000 remaining SUGGEST: Allocation to Wiki Towns QR code programming?
  • Proposals for an earlier Face to Face that might utilise change of allocation and direction for community engagement and support - Action - Tom to write up by 11th March

Bank signatory

Publish minutes for last meeting including Motion - Secretary - will do this week Steve Crossin added as a signatory to the Wikimedia Australia Bank - Treasurer & Steve (ongoing, have been busy with other matters)


  • 2019-20 Plan and grant preparation - Due end March
  • ACTION: Draft to Delphine
  • QR codes resolution
  • GLAM Peak follow up online modules
  • paid facilitator for training activities, coordinator outreach and engagement, reporting, social media
  • ACTION: Pru to set meeting time for meeting with Delphine between 11-15 March
  • Media accreditation and funding attendance at events
  • reporting that the volunteer efforts are now exceeding capacity
  • of the volunteers, there is need to consider a need a paid employee of some description to focus on the communication and co-ordinate requests for assistance from WMAU
  • project support / biota/music/newspapers
  • Organisation / Partner program
ACTION: Gideon to follow up legally drafted template for organisational partnerships
  • Done spoke with lawyer friend currently being drafted
  • Scanner purchase
ACTION: WIkiClubWest to obtain 2 quotes
meeting of wiki club west - further details clarified on weekend at meeting
  • quotes being obtain not yet available will email when we have them

REPORTS - as needed

President's report

  • Caddie’s resignation and co-opting interim committee members
  • discussion of status - and record and accept resignation
  • with allowance of observer status and retain email address
  • Presentation to Geelong & District Historical Society, Sat 9 Feb - load of images requested
  • SA History Trust Pattypan load and Edit-a-thon, Sat 18 May 2019
  • Meeting with Paralympics Australia, 4 March
  • Meeting with University of Sydney
  • Meeting with GovHack (GovHack is 6 - 8 Sep 2019)
  • Wikimedia Summit and Chairperson’s meeting (28-31 March)

Secretary's report

Junk correspondence in contact email - reportable or not?
Formal external links and -ls - what goes to pres/vic pres and then to committee
Pru: [WM-Chairpersons]
  • Volunteer Support Programme Applications - funding approval
  • - motion for attendance at Avalon Air show - reporting due within one month - with particular attention to outreach and engagement including media accreditation for future events
Moved: Pru
passed (confirmed by email by Caddy, Sam abstained)
  • procedural - sent acknowledged application - procedural matters followed
  • Approval process required before expenditure
  • Reporting requirement - event booking required
  • Tom - --- volunteer support programme documentation needs updating on com
  • Accreditation information from WMAU for volunteers -
process and policy required to be dealt with at face to face
Model of committee members as links to community groups - face to face item
Meeting agenda/minutes issue/organisation - face to face agenda item - on going
Overloaded agendas - face to face agenda item - on going
Long term issues unresolved due to lack of Face to face meetings - on going
  • Strategy Liaison
Strategy link with regional issues - possible ESEAP linkage - in process as to how

Correspondence report

email - received - $5000 estimate
  • support - Gideon further discussions required -
  • links - to suggested persons -

Treasurer's report

Current Account balances: Westpac: , CC $ PayPal: $ Income:



APG tracking:


Membership report

  • no membership applications since last meeting

Communications report

Technical report

  • T199606 Create system to track event data


Local activities

  • ACT
ANU training, April 2019
  • QLD
QWiki Club
Art+Feminism edit-a-thon, Griffith
  • NSW
UTS Knowledge Managers Seminar, Mon 4 March
City of Sydney Libraries training, June
  • SA
History Trust SA, Edit-a-thon, Sat 18 May [GLAM Peak follow up]
  • VIC
Art+Feminism edit-a-thon, Richmond Library Sat 9 March
National Trust public art wiki training, Tues 7 May
  • WA
Wikipedian in Residency at Museum of Perth - stage - March 2019 - June 2019
WikiClubWest - 2019-2020 year plan and strategy for group - outline in April 2019
Wheatbelt and Wheatbelt Railway projects re-started - March 2019 +
Music Project (proposed) - preliminary discussions - April 2019 +
Maritime-people wiki training (AAMH) - March 2019 +

National activities

Global activities



  • Meeting closed:
  • Next meeting: Monday 18 March 2019 4pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 7.00pm ACT/NSW/VIC
  • Delphine meeting : TBC
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