Meeting:Committee (2019-06-24)

Committee meeting

24 June 2019

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.


Date: Monday 24 June 2019
Time / time zone: 4pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 6pm AEST
Meeting channel: Skype


Attendees: Pru, Gideon, Sam, Tom, Robert, Steve, Caddie (joined 6.26pm)

Previous minutes

Minutes of previous meetings:


  • That the minutes of the 10 June 2019 meeting be accepted.
Moved: Steve
Seconded: Gideon

Carried without dissent


  • That the minutes of the 16 June 2019 meeting be accepted.
Moved: Steve
Seconded: Robert

Carried without dissent

Tom to highlight any business arising from two previous lots of minutes, and re-format 10th minutes in com.

Business arising and actions

2019-20 Simple APG grant 2018-19 Simple APG Budget status Finalisation immediately following conference

Discussion around SLQ invoice received.


  • That the SLQ invoice for the previous WikiData event that covered Catering, Video and the venue for $1,160.80 is paid.
Second: Steve

Carried without dissent

Pru to find further details of conversations about the cost and details

Brief discussion then ensued around business cards that were required, and printing of post cards with the winning photo of the 2019 Wiki Loves Earth competition.

Resolution: The committee agrees to meet the costs of business cards for Jeremy, Kerry and Steve - as ordered by the Treasurer

Moved: Pru
Second: Tom

Carried without dissent

Resolution: Postcards will be printed with the winning photo of the 2019 Wiki Loves Earth competition to the value of $300.

Moved: Pru
Second: Steve

Carried without dissent

Tom to communicate with Pru about text on other side of post card this PM

Written Report due 15 July 2019 - main agenda for next meeting Financial Report due this evening


Meeting with Wikimedia UK, Friday 14 June 7pm attended by Gideon, Pru, Sam and Steve

Gideon sent testing QR codes
  1. Deploy a public version - Davina says UK chapter needs a discussion internally about the way forward. Jo as contractor as front line, Doug happy to have oversight. Setting up a Test server, Toolforge. Need a set of code test urls for regression testing. Jo and Sam / Steve do regression testing, Then replace the live one
  2. Fix the immediate bugs
    https redirection of all subdomains
    Apostrophes & Encoding
  3. Future-proof

Requirements and features requests into phabricator

Gideon to contact Lucy next week and ask for progress report and set the date / time for the meeting in 5 weeks
Survey of Australian editors

ACTION: Tom and Pru to draft survey, Tom and Pru to tie in with Strategy survey (Steve can help with this too if needed). Email direct link to Contact when survey ready:

Delegates to community conference -

Member list General AU list and tie in with larger strategy questions - and wmau plan - for a range of issues

Tom and Pru in June - documents to be prepared before next meeting

Survey Drafts at:

Mailing list - passwords lost/replaced.

Phabricator ticket is open. Has been escalated.:

Steve to update committee with new password once resolved. Comm to decide on appropriate method to store/note passwords to WMAU logins.
Organisation / Partner program
Gideon to follow up legally drafted template for organisational partnerships
AMaGA national membership - Pru, register as

Know my name: digital footprint women artists - 2019-20 $1.5million fundraising

Caddie volunteered to attend meeting on our behalf and discuss options for our involvement, volunteer

For SImple APG 2018-19
Women’s Art Register

Pru to start partnerships page
Bank signatory

Will be sorted by next meeting.
Requirement to clarify -

Publish minutes for 2019 meetings including Motions - Secretary (at last) will complete before next meeting (And thanks Sam for moving from minutes in google docs to com)

Resolution: Steve Crossin is added as a signatory to the Wikimedia Australia Bank account.

Moved: Gideon
Second: Pru
Recuse: Steve

Passed without dissent


President's report

ESEAP Strategy update- reports due from Robert and Jeremy on return
Media accreditation - Tokyo Paralympics due 1 July 2019 - ACTION: Pru send to committee/community. Let members know
Create a process for media accreditation - AGENDA item
GovHack WA, 6 - 8 Sep 2019

Gideon to chat with WA team, Steve & Alex? with Melb

Strategic plan and Annual plan 2019-20

Post-its on comm wiki -

Secretary's report

Correspondence report

Secretary's Agenda items: (sent by email 24th June) 1. Procedures proposed from Sunday face to face meeting on the 16th June 2019 clarification of where written up and process of implementation required. Secretary's comment: Resolutions and details of discussion points at the face to face needed to have a table of what and when implementation might be considered. A timeline post face to face could be in com.

(carry over to next meeting if possible the rest of the material below) Some aspects beginning to be addressed at :

Comments to discuss at meeting - Steve: Looking over doc and noting the time that we have in a meeting, going over some of these items in the committee meeting allotted time could eat up most of the committee time on largely administrative matters. Historically we have been rather good at declaring any conflicts of interest that apply to certain decisions, recusing from voting from them. I think keeping the COI register on CommWiki up to date as our interests change should be done, but this should suffice. Question the need to have a formal agenda letter or disclaimer about agenda, its benefit seems unclear, however standard practice to send out agenda prior to meeting should be done. I would propose we re-adjust our meeting into three different main sections, roughly outlined as action items, decisions and discussion Historical example is here

2. Record and documentation of WOW, and WMAU conferences

Processes and publication Secretary's comment: Ideally note takers/recorders/documentation of the conferences could have set up a checklist of what was recorded or who had what as soon as possible after the event.

3. Post Conference correspondence to collaborators and participants

Processes and suggested format Secretary's comment: Ideally committee should have sent thank yous and appreciations within short time after events to documented participants. Suggestion: If there is not a letterhead template, that correspondence from WMAU in such situations would be better served by a WMAU letterhead

Pru, Tom, Steve to setup letter of thanks and check with committee before sending to list of presenters and speakers - and others if necessary

4. Non email form of committee internal communication

Options and consideration for usage: Slack, Whatsapp, Telegram - or some other form than email. Secretary's comment: Email is failing us as a committee, and too much gets lost, unanswered or unacknowledged and makes for very poor communication.

5. Bangkok ESEAP/Chapter Thailand user group has become a Chapter

suggestion WMAU sends a formal congratulation to Thailand via reps Robert or Jeremy

ESEAP meeting in Bangkok June 28 to 30

suggestion that WMAU sends a formal support letter to the meeting via reps Robert or Jeremy
Tom draft and check with committee - letterhead - com wiki template

Steve to find letterhead and sent to Tom and or com. - uploaded to Comm by Steve

Treasurer's report - for noting

Current Account balances: Westpac: $42,150.41 CC: $114.16 PayPal: $159.31
To be finalised after the Community Conference.
Income: ATO: $369 (for 1st Q 2019) , $30 renewals, $95 in donations, $3.98 in interest
Expenses: Next meeting, needs to be finalised for the Simple APG after the meeting on 24 June 2019

APG tracking: See above


Detailed list of expenses for the last two months to be given to committee once the Simple APG has been finalised
Domain name update.

WMAU Domain is still under the name of John Vandenburg.

ACTION ITEM - Sam investigate how to get control of this account

Credit card: WMAU is not in possession of an active credit card, with former Treasurer Michael Billington in possession of the current credit card.

Robert to go into Westpac to sort this.

Contacted Michael to update card details for Xero and hosting

Note from Steve - recent attempts to reach Michael via phone and email were not successful.
Steve and Robert working to fix Xero and google issues - Steve can update Google Admin with valid credit card once received. Steve has updated payment method in Google Admin to his credit card for the time being.
Membership report

Renewals received: = 1, Joining: = 0
Total memberships for 2018/19 = 37

Communications report

Newsletter June 2019 - any takers to work on this? Tom and Caddie (July)
This Month in GLAM - June due 6 July 2019- WLE, Toodyaypedia, conference
Technical report
T199606 Create system to track event data
issue with sorting the More page - fixed.


Local activities

Follow up ANU training - email Imogen QLD
QWiki Club events NSW
City of Sydney Libraries training and edit-a-thon, 15 June - request report SA
Photo load pending category solution VIC
Women’s Art Register Winter Wiki event, Sat 20 July Richmond Library WA
Cannington scanning programme throughout year Toodyaypedia, 29 June 3rd stage event Port Hedland regional Local Government librarians meeting, Friday 7 June 2019 - Sam presented - followup from Broome GLAM peak Sam will write a paragraph for the newsletter.

National activities

Wiki Loves Earth Was extended for an extra week (closed on 7 June)
judging - Pre-judging done by 3 , Judging stage next was. (link redacted) Winners -

Global activities

Wikimania scholarships - 2019 - need to emphasise no support from wmf in any form for australian participation - known Australian attendees privately funded not supported
ESEAP strategy meeting - Bangkok -Robert and Jeremy in Bangkok June 28 to 30 2019


Letter of thanks to USYD/Bunty/Frances for the space for the Community Conference (noted elsewhere above in agenda)
Ingrid’s keynotes uploaded on Commons,_Noongarpedia.webm,_Sharing_Indigenous_knowledge.webm

Meeting closed: 8.00 pm / 6.00pm
Next meeting: Monday July 8 2019 4pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 6.00pm ACT/NSW/VIC

Format of meetings till AGM - alternate community - committee
Training webinars

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