Meeting:Committee (2019-07-22)

Committee meeting

22 July 2019

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.


Date: Monday 22 July 2019
Time / time zone: 4pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 6pm AEST
Meeting channel: Skype


Attendees: Pru, Gideon, Tom, Robert, Steve, Caddie (joined 6:15pm)
Apologies: Sam

Previous minutes

Minutes of previous meetings:

  • That the minutes of the 8 July 2019 meeting be accepted.
Moved: Gideon
Seconded: Robert

Passed without dissent

Business arising and actions

re-format 10th June minutes in comm - will check - in process - no longer applicable
contact Lucy Wikimedia UK and set the date / time for the meeting in 5 weeks - updates coming through. Gideon will monitor and advise if meeting required
Tom, Pru, Steve
to draft survey, tie in with Strategy survey. Email direct link to Contact when survey ready.
Total strategy silence of recent…
Survey Drafts still under discussion - issues still need to be dealt with
Tom, Pru & Steve to meet on this Issue - proposed strategy and community tie-in - as to whether keep tie in or separate
Know My Name meeting: Pru and Steve to talk to Caddie about next steps

Jacquie Riddell & Alison Wright, National Gallery Australia - keen on partnership announcement

  • Wiki in Residence program NGA
  • National/International wiki editathon in March 2020 to pull together IWD, Art+Fem, Women in Red and NMWA #5womenartists campaign
  • Copyfree images, at least a photo of the artists themselves, and a special work created for the campaign under CC-licence. Auction this work to fund a Wikimedian in Residence for the travelling exhibition
  • Targets: complete the spreadsheet asap to get baseline figures. Search Wikidata first, link if possible, add categories
Gideon: follow up legally drafted template for organisational partnerships
Define ‘levels of partnership. Active and Past partnerships.
Partnerships page: Add start & finish dates and review dates.
;Tom: Publish minutes for 2019 meetings including Motions - very big thanks to sam for helping on this matter and keeping things - and Robert from the format
ESEAP Strategy reports on return from Bangkok - Report from Jeremy expected as well

Jeremy might have a report before wikimania - tom meeting this weekend

    • Information hub idea for WMAU as a role? E.g. meta:ESEAP Hub/Community Yellow Pages
    • WMAU encouraged to support and mentor NZ for user group proposal - when it happens
    • WMAU encouraged to support East Timor editor - <link removed>
chat with GovHack WA team, 6 - 8 Sep 2019. - let this slide for 2019
Steve, Alex?
To contact GovHack Melb team if interested - Sept
Pru to Contact Paralympics Australia and explain our situation. Photojournalist role

Pru, Tom, Steve to setup letter of thanks to presenters and hosts for WOW and WMAU conferences and check with committee before sending
Pru, Steve and Tom to work on this ASAP- draft in process - not started
Tom to finalise draft congratulations letter to Thailand and South Korea and present draft to comm. - not done yet
  • Robert: detailed list of expenses for the last two months to be given to committee once the Simple APG has been finalised (ran out of time due to work and ESEAP Summit, still waiting on the WMF to approve the finalised Simple APG) (Done, was in the Treasurer's report at the last meeting)
Domain name update. Lodge an issue with AUDA. phabricator:T227433.
Robert to follow up credit card with Westpac (Requires a motion for the debit credit card application)
AGM Sunday, 25th August 2019 at 5PM AEST/3PM AWST Actions to be started in line with Excel spreadsheet, starting with notice to members of AGM date by Saturday 27 July by Secretary. V Pres comments with template need to be noted in separate email:

Please see secretary report below - but also note comments regarding the issues arising New Committee - possible items that comply with APG process Limitation on proposals not in annual plan  ?? Restricted funding in confines of support grants as established. ?? ACTION: Tom to check list of policies before the end of this committee duration ACTION: Create standardised nomination template. - in hand ACTION: Secretary document concerns with the Rules and circulate to Committee Abandoned for this committee duration- might have as a carry over to f to f meeting by next committee - to review cav and wmau rules coordination and or cleanup

Gideon and Steve to source and review past training material for up to date and relevance - ongoing. Keep on the agenda
Sam to investigate backups procedure for wikis including possibility of more regular auto backups to Google Drive in addition to current backup procedure - report next meeting.


2018-19 Simple APG report

Grants office notified $3,552.00 carryover

2019-20 Simple APG status

Permission in email in response to request to use $3,500 that was required to be reallocated for Wikimania attendance for Ingrid Cumming to speak in Indigenous Languages panel. Budget sheet:

ACTION: committee members adding material in com and in word - so can be added to the report

Community Web Meeting, Monday 5 August
  • platform: Zoom, investigate
  • format of content: for first session - and for future sessions
    • introduction to WMAU, WikiClub, project events
    • training segment:
    • applying for VSP
    • talk about the NGA campaigns, plus other campaigns
    • reports back from conferences - future months - calendar of events
  • presenter:
  • facilitator:
  • marketing: newsletter, social media, partners, geonotices
ACTION - Steve to send out email to comm to discuss content to present in community meeting, with all to respond and have completed agenda by Friday. Steve to poke comm over next few days to ensure deadline met.
Levels of partnerships


President's report
  • Create a process for media accreditation

Secretary's report
  • Correspondence report -
Julia Gillard, Gender, and women on Wikipedia
  • Response to Kerry:
  • Scope? Focus on Australian women, ie more specific than Women-in-Red. Tie it into another campaign? The goal is women contributing, rather than just working on gender issues.
  • What do we want her to do/be? Patron, ambassador. Give us publicity.
  • Who would facilitate this project?
    • great potential but we need to focus on what we want and can offer, then it right before any approach

Secretary (continued)

  • Strategy report - - currently on hold due to silence from parts of the larger system, on hold

Clarification of dates and format of AGM process:
RE: Timeline Proposal: To move AGM from Oct to August RESOLUTION: That the 2019 Wikimedia Australia AGM will be held on Sunday, 25th August 2019 at 5PM AEST/3PM AWST.
AGM 25/8/2019 Sunday
ELECTION CLOSE 23/8/2019 Friday
ELECTION OPEN 16/8/2019 Friday
Nominations close 14/8/2019 Wednesday
Nominations open 9/8/2019 Friday
Membership database closes 1/8/2019 Thursday
Notice of AGM 27/7/2019 Saturday

Treasurer's report

Current Account balances: Westpac: $35,839.95 CC: $114.16 $ PayPal: $374.26 Income: ATO: , $30 renewals, $25 in donations, $ in interest Expenses: $2,283.74 (Ingrid Wikimania) Correction in Xero with PayPal transactions, it had duplicated some income and expenses (fees) which put the amount out by around $4, Xero picked up the duplicates but doesn’t remove them. I have since fixed this when auditing our accounts. ATO Access. I can add people to the ATO Relationship Authorisation Manager as a rep. You require a MyGovID ( for access. I would require the full legal name to be able to add people.

Motion: Wikimedia Australia committee authorises Robert Myers to apply for a Westpac debit credit card, linked to the Community Solutions One, to be used for WMAU expenses (web hosting, Xero subscriptions). Moved: Steve Second: Gideon Support: Tom, Caddie, Pru Abstain: Robert Motion carried.

Motion: That the treasurer’s report is accepted. Moved: Steve Second: Gideon Support: Tom, Caddie, Pru Abstain: Robert Motion carried.

Membership report

Renewals received: = 3 , Joining: =

Communications report

Newsletter August 2019 - Tom and  ? hoping to produce before end of stage of committee ACTION: Tom to put draft up by the weekend ? help please?

This Month in GLAM - July due 6 August 2019 Steve to write up activity report for Winter WIki edit-a-thon, Melbourne

Technical report

Current issues:

  • T227433 Give multiple committee members access to domain registrar account
  • T210363 Remove spam from noongarwp wiki
  • T210050 Page titles are being double-encoded. Assigned: ErrantX
  • T209019 and are down. Assigned: ErrantX
  • T199606 Create system to track event data
  • T189178 Remove unused email accounts
  • T185976 Upload dump of public wiki to Internet Archive
  • T185875 Move the server(s) Ansible config to a public repo

-- Robert; Have added logins to 1password and Lastpass, looking at what is best for our needs. To work with Sam on what we will use and the costs.


Local activities
  • ACT Follow up ANU training - email Imogen
  • QLD QWiki Club events
  • NSW
  • Biota group - will be asking to be a formal wiki club in new committee stage
  • SA Photo load pending category solution
  • VIC Women’s Art Register Winter Wiki event, Sat 20 July Richmond Library
  • WA Cannington scanning programme - ongoing -

excellent establishment and utilisation of materials gained by wiki club west and important precedent for a LGA archival sharing material process Other wiki Club West program items up for some changes

National activities

Wiki Loves Earth Prizes - 1 certificate pending. No response from other winners. Need to update our prizes page

Have a Go Day --

Being involved with wiki club west - and large potential for spread of info about wmau and wcw - digitization and other aspects of involvement

Global activities
  • Wikimania 2019 - Ingrid and Robert and Jeremy attending. Meetups: Asia-Oceania Meetup 8pm local time, ESEAP following 9pm.
  • ESEAP - Quokka is the ESEAP mascot - a very good idea why it should somehow get to fremantle sometime
  • Wikimania 2020 - report Next meeting this week (Wed night WA/Thurs morning NSW)
  • WikiCite ANZ 2020

Other business

Proposal policy issues - Future Agenda


Meeting closed: 8:15PM AEST
Next meeting: Community Web meetup: Monday 5 August
Next meeting: Committee: Monday 19 August 2019 4pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 6.00pm ACT/NSW/VIC
AGM: Sunday, 25th August 2019 at 5PM AEST/3PM AWST.

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