Meeting:Committee (2021-12-20)

Committee meeting

20 December 2021

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).


Date: Monday 20 December 2021
Time / time zone: 4pm AWST / 5.30pm CST / 7pm AEDT
Meeting channel: Zoom


Attendees: Alex, Bunty, Sam, Tom, Pru (and Caddie)
Apologies: Amanda
Absent: Paige, Michael

Previous minutes

Minutes of previous meeting:

Moved: Alex
Seconded: Pru



See actions list.

Matters for decision

Census project approval - Sam and Alex

To develop a census tool ahead of the 2021 Census data release, we are proposing the contracting of a contractor to build the tool. A request for quote document has been drafted

Key dates

Applications are due midnight Sunday 26 January 2021 (whatever timezone you are in). The work must be completed by 30 May 2022. Cost: $3000AUD ($1500AUD at project commencement on contract execution and receipt of a valid tax invoice and $1500AUD upon project completion.) In the Simple APG application we budgeted for $2,000AUD but feel this is not enough for the scope of work so are requesting approval to offer an additional $1000AUD.

Request: Approve quote process and expenditure.

Decision: Quote process and expenditure approved
Moved: Alex; seconded: Pru; outcome: Moved without dissent
Put variation on mid-year report to WMF, otherwise look at other funding avenues. Pru
Investigate possible issues with contract, liability and indemnity. Pru

1LIb1Ref - Caddie

1Lib1Ref is back from 15 May – 5 June. A sub-committee has been meeting (minutes here) and have developed the following plan. Request for committee to approve 1Lib1Ref 2022 Plan, with six drop in sessions and development of a hold-an-event kit as per this draft page:

Decision: That WMAU supports the 1Lib1Ref program as outlined providing Executive Officer support for administration and promotion with facilitation shared between organising team.
Moved: Pru; seconded: Alex; outcome: Moved without dissent

Draft of Wikimedia Australia Facilitators Policy

A Draft document aimed at streamlining the process for responding to requests for facilitation of training, edit-a-thons, events, partnerships etc. Facilitators document.

Decision: That WMAU accept the Facilitators’ Policy as tabled
Moved: Tom; seconded: Pru; outcome: Moved without dissent
Notes: EO will publish the policy and establish the current facilitator register.
Publish the facilitator’s policy and establish the current facilitator register. Caddie

Financial Approvals - Pru

Decision: Approved
  • Executive Officer monthly invoice: $4529.81 (inclusive of Melbourne travel and reimbursements)
  • Australian Music Project Coordinator invoice: $1000 (pre-approval, invoice to be sent later tonight)
    Moved: Pru; seconded: Alex; outcome:

Key Matters for Discussion

Wiki Loves Earth

Do we want to run WLE in 2022? What process to seek a coordinator? Public application

Pru to talk with Margaret for her WLE report to inform our decision on the next campaign.


Discussion concerning Gideon’s email. Project on hold due to lack of capacity to maintain it and people moving on. Project started with Len Collard, Kim Scott, then Ingrid Cumming (Curtin University). None of these people are remaining at unis - no one at UWA, Ingrid no longer at Curtin etc. There is no one left to continue to working on it. Gideon has requested to close the incubator because there's no-one editing. The content will still be accessible but it will be uneditable so it doesn't get vandalised, then when someone's wanting to do more on it, they can request to reopen it.

Caddie to write a letter of thanks to Gideon and other key contributors for starting, facilitating and supporting the project, and work on documenting the project in detail on the WMAU website in 2022.


Based upon our Simple APG funding application, here is a plan for the remainder of 2021-22 for discussion and allocation of responsibility against committee members.

Community support Mini grants including Wikidata [Caddie + Alex + Bunty] Census tool [Alex + Sam]

Alex and Sam to coordinate development of a brief for a Census Tool (2 - 4 weeks work) - even a slide pack mocking up what we think it might look like. - Pending, based on discussion at October community meeting

Community meetings [ Outreach First Nations [Caddie + Bunty] Caddie to draft scoping document over Dec/Jan GLAM & Education [Amanda + Paige] James would like to seek funding to be a Wikipedian in Residence at the Australian Music Vault Campaigns [Pru + Michael]


Executive Officer report [FOR NOTING]


Media release: Blog post, Ann Reynolds: ​​ ABC Story:

Social media report

Twitter: November - 18 tweets / 8522 impressions / 83 mentions / 21 new followers October - 38 tweets / 2564 profile visits / 22.8K impressions / 109 mentions / 40 new followers September - 35 tweets / 2967 profile visits / 21.7K impressions / 88 mentions / 40 new followers Facebook: November - 8 posts / 1452 reach / 88 engagements / 26 post clicks / 3 new followers October - 10 posts / 1963 reach / 118 engagements / 43 post clicks / 1 new follower September - 7 posts / 919 reach / 55 engagements / 27 post clicks / 5 new followers

Meetings summary
  • December Community Meeting
  • 1Lib1Ref / IWD monthly catchup
  • Association of Artist Managers
  • Census tool (request for quote development)
  • James Gaunt catch up meetings x 4

President's report

WIPO accreditation

The WMF has twice applied for accreditation for observer status at the World Intellectual Property Organization, but each time has been vetoed by the Chinese delegation. They intend to re-apply in 2022 but expect China’s veto to continue. They are proposing that Wikimedia chapters apply for accreditation as national NGOs. If one or more are accepted, they can attend WIPO conferences and meetings and report to the Foundation. If not, it is intended as a collective action demonstrating the movement’s interest in global IP issues and “we will have a stronger voice to show collective outrage”.

  • Biyanto (WMID) and I met with Amalia Toledo (Lead Public Policy Specialist) and Rachel Arinii Judhistari
  • Acceptance of the application does not carry any further obligation, and WMF will provide support and assistance.
  • Deadline is 18 March 2022

Action: discuss at next meeting.

  • Meeting, Sat 11 December 2021 (Meta link) (Etherpad notes)
  • Next meeting: 2022 TBC

Secretary's report

2021 Annual Report submitted to Australian Charities and Not-for profit Commission


Email from Gideon regarding closure of Noongapedia - see above

Treasurer's report

Profit & Loss Statement since last meeting

Profit & Loss Statement 15 Nov - 20 Dec 2021

  • Current Account balances as of 20 Dec 2021
   **Westpac: $ 128,291.12
   **CC:   $ 3,167.45
   ** PayPal: $ 2,153.69
  • Income:; $930.00‬ in donations from 25 donors, $9.95 membership, plus $11,000 Australia Council grant for The Record Music Project
  • Expenses Total: $6,421.44 - $4,130 EO $150 Conf fees AAANZ; $29.17 website hosting, $349.03‬ Xero/financial, $16.31 Paypal fees $4,260.35 Music project expenses
  • 2021-22 Budget:
  • Membership report

1 new member joined from NSW on 27 Nov 2021

Decision: That the Treasurer’s report be accepted.
Moved: Tom; seconded: Alex; outcome:

Technical report

Talking with NZ Wikimedians about their new incorporated association and its membership register requirements. Current technical tasks (feel free to leave any comments on these on Phabricator):

  • phab:T291364 Move WMAU website to the Australian data centre — will not be much difference but may be a bit quicker. In progress. May have some downtime (24 hours) over the xmas break, if that’s okay?
  • phab:T291368 Restore categories to page footers (for logged in users only). In progress.
  • phab:T293433 Improve timezone display for events
  • phab:T210363 Remove spam from noongarwp wiki — Does anyone care about this? Do we want to keep these two wikis? Doesn’t impact the rest of the meta:Noongarpedia project wikis.


Global activities

National activities

Wikidata and GLAMs outreach

Draft Matrix, Candidate Collection Preparation Checklists and Wikidata value proposition documents published as Wikidata: Engagement with Australian GLAMs

Events / Local activities

Wiki Science Campaign - Pending discussion.

Meeting close: 7:55pm AEDT

  • Next Community meeting: Wednesday 12 January 2022, 7pm (AEDT)
  • Next Committee meeting: Monday 17 January 2022, 7pm (AEDT)
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