Meeting:Special Committee (2014-11-29)

Special committee meeting

29 November 2014

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
WMAU Strategic and Planning Meeting
29-30 November 2014, Melbourne

This in-person meeting was held and organised to create the 2015 Annual Plan and update the Strategic Plan, and in doing so, set the priorities of the chapter for the coming year and align activity to goals.


  • Attendance: Steven Zhang, Gideon Digby, Andrew Owens, Michael Billington, Kerry Raymond, Pru Mitchell, Charles Gregory
  • Apologies: Craig Franklin

Day 1


Quick briefing on technical situation. Will be addressed by LUV within the week

Strategic plan

2011 plan -

  • Core 1 - website is boring and inward-focused. See actions below.
  • Core 3 - other languages are not a priority, although we are able to support ethnic groups/editors contributing to Australian content.
  • Core 4 - donor strategy needed to give us some non-WMF funds for projects.
  • Core 5 - Gov 2.0, free culture policies. Encouraging release of content to CC license and educating agencies. Hack-a-thons and active work with agencies on "win win" basis
  • Core 6 - Media contacts weak - need to do more PR / make ourselves the default contact.

Support volunteer initiatives - ensure "grants" updated to "VSP" / "support"

Important programs

  • Discover and keep new Australian users - this point is problematic due to the absence of (and near impossibility of obtaining) metrics. Points 3 and 4 however are still relevant and should be a focus where appropriate.
  • Organise and support "real life" events - scrap point 2 and retain the rest, noting that the Committee has the right to decline any project or application on grounds of fit to purpose, budget, etc.
  • Identify and improve key content - scrap all bullet points. This section needs to be completely reworked if it is not scrapped.
  • Recognise contributions - broadly OK but needs some work.
  • Consolidate: Take responsibility for Foundation resources in Australia - SCRAP
  • Grow: Develop regional Australian outreach - SCRAP in present form - can be run as a theme through other points. (Ensure other points edited to reflect this)
  • Grow: Digitise key Australian culture works - SCRAP. We are however open to working with GLAMs to digitise Australian content or to accept content donations.
  • Grow: Maintain GLAM momentum - basically OK but edit point 3 to remove references to other points.
  • Grow: Support key Asia-Pacific language groups - SCRAP - no longer a priority
  • Grow: Outreach to universities - Scrap bullet point 1 - keep the rest.

The future

  • ADD Future: Keep abreast of legal and technological change impacting Australia and the region.
  • Future: Develop relationship with open government movement - keep but update (we are doing stuff in this area)
  • Future: Invest in local caching and archiving - Not a priority in 2014-15 but could be of use in supporting Wikipedia Zero rollout in our region.


Committee administration

  • upgrade versions
  • maintenance of contacts/donors
  • sort out permissions
  • access by committee

WMAU website redesign as web looking and general information up front, with links to wiki and administrative material

  • Edit-a-thon for our own website
  • include forms for submitting requests for grants, membership etc
  • look to Netherlands, Spain etc (Andrew to contact)
Admin officer
  • Scope the role
  • Consider quotes
  • Motions
  • CAV report
  • ACNC report


  • Do we have data on donors from 2010?
  • Ways to build the exposure of WMAU to increase the opportunities for donations.


Improve communication

  • Publish REGULAR ongoing 'newsletters' for members, donors, WMF
  • Have WMAU "about us" handouts with ways that interested people can get involved and be contacted by us, and hand back to us at events (membership signup is optional on this)

Audit key Australian sources about encourage and educate agencies to consistently licence and label content as open

  • celebrate / media releases when material is available

ALIA program wrap up, report and 'Christmas card'

  • Contact DB (temporary) for Christmas cards.

Develop publications (for chapter and for Wikipedia/projects)

Media coordination

Appoint media contact people

  • national
  • state

Develop media releases


Peer reporting from events/projects

New users

  • Edit Welcome-AU template to add WMAU contact
  • Set up a email list and ask members to volunteer to support
  • Document our issues with edit-a-thons and work with others to overcome issues

Real life events

  • Add dot points about WMAU holding/organising our own face to face events
  • Plan and promote Wikipedia Day celebrations and media, 15 January 2015

Promotion, marketing, publicity, brand policy (various links redacted)


What is the incentive for membership?


  • Weekday for GLAM workers
  • Weekend day for Wikimedians
  • Wiki Takes Mount Isa? :)

WikiConference Australia 2015

March or October 2015?

  • Wikidata - talk to WMDE about speaker, maybe get in ABS as well to identify areas of cooperation
  • Guest speaker
  • Things to organise
    • Travel
    • Accommodation
    • Venue
    • Partners/sponsors
    • Video streaming of sessions
  • Engage with contacts at WMDC, or engage organisation that can do event planning (as per email to SZ)
  • Program suggestions
    • Templates
    • Wikidata
    • Creative Commons
    • MediaWiki
    • GLAM update tool
    • Education tools
    • Libraries tools
    • Presenters from within the community
    • Metadata
    • Infoboxes
    • Photo categorisation

VALA conference Feb 2016?

  • L-plate session for 'new to Wikipedia'
  • Bootcamp for tech folk from GLAM organisations interested in working with Wikimedia

Day 2

Motion: Charles is authorised to purchase PDF editing software up to the value of $200, for the purpose of completing Wikimedia Australia work.

Meetings - Action to Charles to do a doodle for committee times.

Action for Andrew to sort out CAV committee roles; Steven to do same with ACNC.

  • annual plan dot points
  • names against items for crafting words
Budget 2015
  • against lines from Annual Plan

1. General administration (including policies/procedures)=

  • Tech update
  • Strategic planning face to face
  • New editor support
  • Membership communication
  • Staffing
  • PR, design, merchandise
  • Global events: Maintain relationship with parent body: WMF and Wikimania

2. Continuing activity

What we do [on request of local/external partners - IF a committee member or general member is interested and available]

  • VSP
  • Camera equipment
  • Edit training
  • QR Codes / Wikitowns
  • GLAM relationships
  • Photo competitions of some form
  • Public talks (myth busting etc)

3. 2015 Local Event strategic priority

  • Wiki Conference 2015
    • CRM relationship maintenance
    • Target groups for attendance
      • Members
      • Editors from our region
        • Active Supporters (attend/support events)
        • Online only editors/content generators
      • GLAM partners
      • Free culture/open knowledge
      • Educators
      • Government (supportive MPs)
      • Foundation staff + other chapters
      • Gold Coast/SEQ locals
      • Tech journalists
    • Sponsorship - depending on costs / fit
    • Public talks
    • "Master classes" - editing, photography, WikiData
    • Budget - $60k, of which $20k (capped max) to be budgeted by WMAu
  • Feed-in plans
    • Local meetups - quarterly
    • Website
    • Staffing


  • Wikipedia Zero

New items

  • Tech updates (website redesign)
  • Staffing/admin assistance
  • WikiConference AU
  • Welcoming new editors and "help me" link
  • Advocacy / encouragement of release of CC content
  • Customer relationship management
  • PR / stakeholder management
  • Reporting to membership, donors, WMF
  • Grant writing.
  • Wikimania (2 representatives)


  • VSP proposals and camera grants - Gideon.
  • Foundation liaison - Steve
  • Conference pricing on the ground - Kerry with Craig's assistance

Next meeting on 4pm on the 14th.

Action to Mike to add a shared calendar.

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