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As of Sunday Sept 4, there are five outstanding signatures on Wikimedia Australia:Relicensing agreement.

This page is to document the final stage of the relicencing process, where the committee can elect to tag pages that will remain as GFDL content rather than cause pages be deleted per Proposal:Content_re-licence#Process_for_any_remaining_GFDL_content.

Users with few contributions

The following five pages include edits by people who have not signed the agreement, however they may add their signature at a later stage.


Tag these pages as GFDL.


Sarah voted for the change at Resolution:Updating_official-wiki_license.


Add "(signed at Resolution:Updating_official-wiki_license)" to the signatures page beside Sarah's name.


An email was sent to Steve Peters asking him to sign the agreement. There has not been any response. Steve was a president, so he should have been aware of that decision at Resolution:Updating_official-wiki_license, however he has not explicitly agreed to the relicence.

The following pages are likely to be edited over time


Tag these pages as GFDL.

The following pages should not be edited frequently.


Tag these pages as GFDL and lock them.

The following pages are active pages.


Move-archive these pages, tag and lock the moved page. New pages at these locations can then be created and will be licenced under Creative Commons.

The page "Meetups" is a proposal that did not have sufficient support to continue running. Steve removed his own edit to the above page, however the history of the article contains two revisions which contain GFDL content.

Recommendation 1

Delete the page.

Recommendation 2

Move the page to "Proposal:Meetup pages", lock and tag the page as GFDL.

The edit [1] to the page 2009-2010_AGM/Candidates is not creative, so it has no copyright.


This page will be migrated to Creative Commons Share-Alike along with the rest of the Website content.

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