Proposal:List of proposals for 2014 planning process

This page collates members' proposals [1] for consideration in the next cycle of annual planning (2013-2015?)

To ensure alignment with the broader movement, proposals are initially organised according to Wikimedia Foundation strategic priorities. While the WMAU Planning Committee is considering them and developing the Chapter's Annual Plan in consultation with members, it can evaluate the proposals against WMAU goals.


A list is not a plan. However, the Proposals list below aims to help planning. Its purposes are to:
- ensure that all proposals put forward by members are recorded, easy to read in one place and considered in the planning cycle;
- ensure that members' interest, ideas and experience are used as an input to planning and can be utilised as proposals are evaluated;
- reveal any duplication and/or synergies that the Planning Committee can take account of when considering the best way to use time and money;
- enable evaluation, timely feedback and reports to members and funding bodies at the end of the planning cycle.

The planning cycle is both iterative and integrated. That is, if the beginning and end are known, each cycle offers an opportunity for improvement but each choice has an effect on other possible choices. So the challenge is always to find creative ways of planning programs for maximum effectiveness and satisfaction. One of the goals of the planning process is to find the best ways of allocating any available resources (including time).

Implementation options

The list makes apparent that there is a range of ways of achieving the objectives of the ideas put forward. Some proposals for example, need no financial resources but may nevertheless be helped by co-ordination with another. Similarly, as time is limited for both Committee and members, knowing what activities are likely and when they will happen, should help us make the best use of our time.

Planning options that the Committee and membership could consider include:

- combining two proposals (especially when they have a common goal);
- removing superseded proposals;
- reducing the scope of a proposal and planning it as a pilot (from which lessons learned can be applied to the next round, especially when it has a higher risk or needs greater resources); [2]
- altering times (such as moving the date or location so that people can participate in something that might otherwise not be possible; co-locating more than one event; or developing a schedule of similar events such as editathons or meetups to spread them out);
- extending a project over a longer planning period and releasing funds to it in stages (in order to reduce risk and increase control). [3]

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Strategic priority: Stabilize infrastructure (management and governance)

COI Policy

Goal: Consult, edit and publish the draft Conflict of Interest policy
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: See Full proposal

Board meetings schedule

Goal: To improve community access by introducing quarterly board meetings simultaneously with meetups
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: See Full proposal

Preferred suppliers

Goal: Establish a list of preferred suppliers for the provision of services that cannot reasonably be provided by volunteers
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: See Full proposal

Role of WCA council member

Goal: Move the role of WCA council member from the Wikimedia Australia committee to a community member
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: See Full proposal

Strategic priority: Improve Quality

Camera program

Goal: Continue the camera program.
Outcome: Increased quality of images of Australian subjects on Commons.
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: See also Microgrant program below

UQ sports history linkage

Goal: Support and participate in the ARC linkage grant with UQ and Australian Paralympic Committee
Outcome: Enhanced effectiveness of existing program, building on existing work by adding in editathons and cross-media knowledge sharing.
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: Add in edit training sessions as part of the Linkage Grant with University of Queensland. May need to consider accessibility issues in relation to current training approach. See Full proposal

Research database

Goal: Develop a research database using Wikipedia dumps to answer questions about Australia content development and Australian editor behaviour.
Outcomes: Wikipedia dumps and other Wikimedia related data sets available to Australian researchers and Australian Wikipedians. Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: Initial questions are likely to relate to hypotheses on editor attrition/retention and article quality to determine if/how/where WMAU might intervene to encourage more productive behaviours. [Leigh Blackall]
See Full proposal

Wheatbelt project

Goal: Increase coverage of and participation from the Western Australian wheatbelt region and adjacent regions.
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: See Full proposal

Microgrant program (Volunteer support)

Goal: Continue to support volunteers with program to reimburse minor costs associated with editing or outreach
Outcome: Improved quality of articles and images on Australian topics and more/better outreach activities
Main resources needed: A fairly modest sum, with the total funding available capped. Grants should be between $30 and $250
Proposer's Comment: Could incorporate some or all of the current camera program. I've modelled this on Wikimedia UK's successful microgrants program. Funds could be provided to purchase books and other references, camera and other recording equipment, and to support ad-hoc events. The £5 lower end of the UK program doesn't seem worthwhile or sensible from an administrative point of view, so I've bumped this up to $30 (the price of a trade paperback book). [Nick-D] See Existing program [Kerry]

Strategic priority: Increase reach

Editing training

Goal: Offer editing training to a range of groups
Outcome: Ongoing and new relationships with GLAM and other partners
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: Now we have our own public liability insurance, we can look at edit training without partnering as well. Need to take decisions in relation to edit training now the Visual Editor has gone live and update training materials accordingly.

GLAM partners

Goal: Continue working with existing GLAM partners and expand to new GLAM partners
Outcome: Higher skill level for GLAM employees and positive sustained relationship with GLAM organisation
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment:

Instructional videos

Goal: Develop instructional videos to reinforce training
Outcome: A support for face-to-face training.
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: Contributed by User:Tony1

Public lectures

Goal: Offer public lectures about Wikipedia to deliver accurate information about Wikimedia projects, create a positive profile
Outcome: People using information on Wikipedia at an appropriate level of confidence.
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: Prepare some presentation resources, such as standard slidepacks of various durations (up to an hour).

QR codes

Goal: Engage in new QR code projects with selected partners
Outcome:Greater exposure of Wikimedia projects, associated improved articles.
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: Freopedia launch was successful and indications of interest from other towns/districts.

Higher Education

Goal: Offer events similar to the one in April 2013 Wikimedia in Higher Education events in other cities
Outcome: To create positive attitude to Wikimedia projects in higher education and try to introduce writing for WMF projects into curriculum.
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: The event in April 2013 was successful and similar events in other cities could reach a different group of academics.


Goal: Undertake a range of projects to commemorate WWI in competitive format (including editathons)
Outcome: Contributions to WMF projects from a wide range that have a connection to Australia & World War I
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: Examples of projects range from photos of war memorials on Commons, new/enhanced content in Wikipedia articles, digitisation of key documents on Wikisource, etc. Award prizes for both quality, random entry, and "surprise" factors. Could partner with local GLAMs for edit-a-thons and launch/award events. Would need co-ordination.

Regional WikiAcademy program

Goal: To run wiki Academy projects in regional areas Outcome: Engagement with areas outside the main population centres of Australia. Main resources needed $3000-$5000 per workshop Proposer's Comment: See Full proposal

Wikipedia loves ... my town

Goal: To pilot a trial of an Australian "Wiki-Loves-Monuments" Outcome: Lessons learned for repeating and/or extending the project. Main resources needed Proposer's Comment: See Full proposal

Strategic priority: Encourage Innovation

Restricted access MediaWiki

Goal: To offer a secure place on a Restricted access MediaWiki for culturally vulnerable and sensitive groups in Australia to pilot projects until they are ready to move to main projects.
Outcome: A significant obstacle for indigenous (and other) engagement removed.
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: Primarily aimed at Indigenous Australians, but also refugees and recent migrants, or minority groups that are at risk of oppression and exploitation. I had at least two large groups in the NT wanting such a thing, and now another in Victoria. [Contributed by Leigh Blackall]

Wikimedia Australia Journal

Goal: Establish a Wikimedia Australia Journal for Education and Research on Wikiversity (WAJER)
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: If, over time it achieves impact factor, and it will be our own metrics, then we will lobby Excellence in Research Australia to recognise it. When that happens, academics have no reason not to engage. [contributed by Leigh Blackall]

Personal Wiki Tool

Goal: Create an 'IndividualWiki' or 'PersonalWiki' tool.
Outcome: Quick, intuitive and easy creation of a fenced wiki environment, seeded with articles, and/or categories of articles, and/or preselected groups of articles.
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: See Full proposal

Strategic priority: Increase Participation

Community building

Goal: Increase both WMAU membership and “friends of WMAU”
Outcome:More volunteers for our programs.
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: Investigate different means such as local meetups using a variety of different formats/venues/times. Edit-a-thons may be more appealing.

WMAU Meetups

Goal: Hold regular meetups in eight Australian cities on a quarterly basis
Outcome: Community strengthened.
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: See Full proposal


Goal: Run planned editathons, including on WWI and in cooperation with GLAM partners
Outcome: Enhanced quality and quantity of Australian content, strengthened relationships with GLAM partners Main resources needed:
Proposers' Comments: Now we have our own public liability insurance, we can look at edit training without partnering as well. Need to take decisions in relation to edit training now the Visual Editor has gone live and update training materials accordingly. See also: WWI edit-a-thons in collaboration with SLNSW AMAZE editathon and AMAZE Gallery at the State Library of NSW.

Support our partners’ goals

Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: This requires being clear on the needs of our partners and their expectations of us (eg SLQ, SLNSW)

International participation

Goal: Involve WMAU members in international events
Outcome: Increased Chapter awareness and member skill levels Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment:eg Wikimania, Chapters’ Association events, WMF training opportunities or events


Goal: Continue to develop and support Wikimedians-in-Residence in Australian GLAMs
Outcome: Ongoing work supported; skills of members and organisations built; positive relationships developed
Main resources needed:
Proposer's Comment: See Full proposal

Affiliated organisations

Goal: To establish an affiliate system for member-based non-profits.
Main resources required:
Proposer's Comment: See Full proposal


[1] Previous proposals that have not been implemented or finalised have been incorporated.
[2] For example, a tightly focused Wiki-loves-Monuments pilot could develop skill and build experience.
[3] For example, one possibility is to allocate funds for a feasibility study of an innovation project such as the Wikimedia Australia Journal.

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