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This page is a starting point for people looking for resources to help with contributions to Wikimedia projects. Links provided are those that have been successfully used by workshop leaders and speakers, and community members, to assist them in their activities. Wikimedia Australia encourages contributions in all languages including the over 300 Indigenous Australian languages.


Wikimedia Australia(WMAU) is a volunteer run charity that supports contributions to Wikimedia projects and encourages the reuse of the content that is contained there in, WMAU has no editorial authority on any of the projects, all activity and content is result of the editing community discussions. Contributions to all WMF projects are subject to United States laws and freedoms as the projects are based in the US. Copyright of materials is subject to both US and the local laws in which the material was created. There is also a Frequently asked questions page about how Wikimedia Australia works.

Wikipedia tools

Welcome to Wikipedia Ten Simple Rules Introduction to free licenses Evaluating Wikipedia article quality
Welcome to Wikipedia brochure EN, for print.pdf
Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia.pdf
Introduction to free licenses 2010-11-27 (web).pdf
Evaluating Wikipedia article quality 2010-11-26 (web).pdf
This 17-page guide covers creating a user account, editing basics, communication, and how articles evolve and are evaluated, and includes a quick reference to help you to remember frequently used wiki markup. This editorial from PLoS Computation Biology focuses on how to contribute effectively as an expert, and is great for setting expectations before students begin editing. This brochure helps you understand the basic concepts of free licenses, as well as terms like "CC-by-SA" and "public domain". This reference guide covers specific steps you can take to get the most out of Wikipedia, as well as a look at how its quality system works.

Wikidata tools

  • Wikidata Tours - this tool takes you on a step by step tour of Wikidata on how to make contributions.
  • Mix-n-match is tool where people can help sort and connect data from various sources.
  • Video about Wikidata recorded at the State Library of Queensland gives an overview of Wikidata, how it works, and what it can do. The presentation was part of Wikidata Tour Down Under (2018) organised by Wikimedia Australia in 2018.

Uploading media

Licensing tutorial that you see when you use the upload option in the side bar on Commons

Wikimedia projects rely on media to help present content and share the sum of all knowledge these tool are ones which we use that help to make the process as easy as possible. Copyright is something that needs to be considered when contributing to the projects. Media uploaded to Commons is protected by multiple backups, future proofed against changes in standard formats, and freely available to everyone.

There are three major activities that WMAU support which focus on the uploading of media to Commons, the first two are International photographic competitions. Wiki Loves Earth is competition with a scope being of subjects within protected natural environments, that can range from landscape scenery to the individual flora and fauna within. Wiki Loves Monuments scope is that of protected heritage sites, the site can be on a national list, state list, or local government list. Both of these are run at the same time every year, there are other events that use the term Wiki Loves which we encourage everyone to participate in but WMAU doesnt have a judging panel specifically for Australian content.

There is third type of photographic event known as a Wikitakes, this event is a locally scaled event which is designed to encourage people to come together to photograph a common subject or location. This event is a great opportunity for the community to participate in whether they be 8 or 80. It enables organisors to encourage people to explore their local community and contribute local knowledge. WikiTakes event can request assistance from Wikimedia Australia.

Wikimedia Australia recommends that all media files be licensed under the Creative Commons license of CC-BY-SA-4.0 see Commons Licensing for more details and available alternatives. Wikimedia Australia can provide guidance on licensing files, but we do not provide legal advice.


For uploading an individual media file we recommend using the Upload option(also referred to as the Upload Wizard) in the sidebar in Wikimedia Commons, which steps you through the uploading process.

For uploading multiple files you can use the Upload Wizard, as the number of files you have to upload increases we recommend you use tools designed specifically to manage larger uploads.

  • Pattypan - this tool is designed for anyone to use. It works by making a spreadsheet of files from one folder on your computer, from there you can add descriptions, categories and licensing. The program will work in the back ground or can be left to run overnight.
  • GLAMwiki Toolset - this tool is designed for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums to upload large collections of files using the metadata that the collection already has to populate fields on commons.

WMAU Funding support

For funding support options through Wikimedia Australia as well as links to applications and the reporting of outcomes of activities.

The Wikimedia Foundation Inc. has additional funding options please see WMF Grants

WMAU WikiClubs

Wikiclubs are local groups that get together on a regular basis to meet with our contributors events can be social, learning, or collaborative in focus.

In some cases earlier meetups have been known as either state or city groups, and branches and have been meeting for over ten years.

The term WikiClub was originally coined by Caddie Brain when she started a collaborative program between the Northern Territory Library and Wikimedia Australia.

Since then Wikimedians in other locations who meet on a regular basis and were known as the branches have decided to adopted similar names. Wikimedians who were meeting at the State Library of Queensland adopted the name of QWikiclub. These clubs are always good starting initial contact point to learn more about contributing, as most hold meetups which anyone can attend.

WMAU Presentations

This section contains links to presentation slides, notes, and reports when the speaker was presenting as a Wikimedian at events WMAU supported.

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