WMAU Community Meeting (June 2020)

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WMAU Community Meeting (June 2020)

Location: https://wikimedia.blindsidenetworks.net

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Meeting:Committee (2020-05-25), 25 May 2020
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25 May 2020
Community meeting

10 June 2020

22 June 2020

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Committee) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

WMAU Community Meeting 10 June 2020 19:00 AEST

Attendees: Alex Lum, Ann, Kerry Raymond, Nick W, Pru Mitchell, Robert (Bidgee), Sam Wilson, Tom Hogarth,

Apologies: Caddie

Sam’s presentation on Wikisource

Uploaded an interesting text document (in the PD) to Commons with {{Transcribed at Wikisource|link=s:Index:{{PAGENAME}}}} the placed in the |other_version= section within the {{Information}} template (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Letter_from_T.H._Barker_to_his_wife_Mary,_27_November_1903.pdf), which adds a button with “View the transcription of this file on Wikisource”.

Click on “View the transcription of this file on Wikisource” which will take you to the index page on Wikisource.

What everyone is doing around the room

  • Sam: Working on Wikisource and uploading on Wikimedia Commons
  • Alex: Doing some work on NZ related works into Wikidata, cleaning up some of the data. Updates on Wikipedia articles.
  • Ann: Wiki group meet ups, including with Wellington, NZ based group (virtually).
  • Kerry: QLD related work. Coming up in the next week a couple of NGA workshop/edit-a-thon which will be limited to 10 people.
  • Nick: Working on a side project, looking at adding into Wikidata. Updating authors, including corrections.
  • Robert: Some work on Wikipedia and Commons. WikiEd related work with the USYD.
  • Toby: Found five new properties, cleaning them up. Australia is six properties short of Germany for 4th place of the most properties on WikiData
  • Tom: Things are on hold in Perth. WA based editor (Calistemon) has been working a lot on WikiData, and also connecting Wikipedia articles and Commons categories.
  • Pru: WMAU has been supporting 1Lib1Ref. Thank Kerry for her work on helping councils heritage data. Gideon submitted his report on the photographs of internal borders during the COVID-19 locked down. Confirmation that the Simple APG has been approved for 2020-21.

Meeting closed: 20:30

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