Meeting:Committee (2020-06-22)

Committee (2020-06-22)
Normal monthly Committee meeting. Committee members and observers only.

Region: National
Location: Online

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Committee meeting

22 June 2020

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

Meeting channel: BigBlueButton


Date: Monday 22 June 2020
Time / time zone: 5pm WA / 7pm AEST
Meeting channel:


Attendees: Steve, Robert, Sam, Matt, Alex, Pru

Previous minutes

Minutes of previous meeting:

  • That the minutes of the 25 May 2020 meeting be accepted.
Moved: Steve
Seconded: Matt
Publish to Comm Wiki and Public

Business arising and actions

ACTIONS - dealt with under appropriate reports below



President's report

  • That Wikimedia Australia approve the President and Treasurer to use the services of Good Work Group to review our financial management and develop custom reports, at a total cost of up to AUD$800 before 30 June 2020.

Moved: Pru Seconded: Steve Support: Robert, Alex, Caddie ACTION: GoodWork Group has signed a confidentiality agreement - stored in Correspondence

Wikidata and GLAMs outreach proposal progress update

Matt reported on progress: Engagement of Rebecca Hawcroft as GLAM researcher/content developer. Rebecca has started making appointments for interviews with Wikidata people. Expecting first drafts end of the week.

History of Paralympics Project

Paralympics Australia to cease funding MOTION: That Wikimedia Australia fund Tony Naar’s proposal ‘Australian Paralympic history project report and marketing plan’ to the value of $2,000 ex GST, payable on receipt of tax invoice and report. Moved: Robert Seconded: Steve Support: Pru, Matt, Alex

Affiliations committee nominations

nomination deadline 30 June 2020

Launch of new Trove infrastructure and website

ACTION: Pru to invite a Trove rep to speak at Community meeting

Secretary's report

Community meeting notes *link redacted*

ACTION: Robert to publish on meetings page

COVID-19 ACTION: Robert to draft up a COVID-19 page on Comm, send to Comm for approval (not yet done, confusing restrictions in each state/territory is making it hard to write. WMF side of things is simple) Accounts and passwords ACTION: Further investigate and identify accounts that require a common password (ongoing) - Ongoing (look at this week or next) Paypal is an issue


Treasurer's report

Profit & Loss Statement since last meeting: Net change: +$39,080

  • Current Account balances as of 24 May 2020: Westpac: $105,585.79 CC: $636.76 PayPal: $827.20
  • Income: $275 in donations, $5 in interest
  • Expenses: $9 in membership fees?, $45 in Xero, $10 paypal, $31 phone/net, $253 reimbursements
  • Transferred: $800 PayPal to Westpac, $50.95 currently in PayPal.
  • $39,147.89 WMF funds arrived in the Westpac account on 17 June.

Moved: Seconded: ACTION: Treasurer to research discrepancy in PayPal account

  • Financial actions from previous meeting, signatories - ongoing

ACTION: Pru to contact Westpac in changing signatories.

ACTION Financial
Pru, Steve and Alex

Need password for PayPal to transfer to Westpac

Member enquiry re Renewal price for existing members is $10 - can we change this to $9.95?

Can do this using the “Treasurer” account, this would also solve the “ex Treasurer” sending out renewals, which is automated in Xero. Also should have suggested maybe having 2020/21 membership to be $0 in reconciliation of the COVID pandemic before the renewal was sent but didn’t get a chance. ACTION: Treasurer to research/raise bulk edits to recurring subscriptions with GoodWork Group, so we can go through all recurring invoices to make the amount 9.90 to account for the 0.5c subscriptions

Final report due 30 July 2020

Financial report shows how we are underspent, and plans to adjust program activities *link redacted*

Need more reporting of events, linking to criteria from the annual plan.*link redacted*
  • (2019-10-16) WMF Grants Admin $102.11 AUD to return from 2018-19 Simple APG

Steve and Pru work out how to wire funds back $102.11 AUD - This will be incorporated in the wash up of 2019-20

Membership report

Joining: = 0 new members

Communications report

Newsletter *link redacted* Due date for content: Publish date: Social media Facebook Committee to do weekly Twitter Committee to do weekly Post an Australian article regularly

Technical report


Global activities

  • Brand Network - Alex

Options: Executive statement: Board Update on Branding: Network: 1 preference Organisation: Foundation: 2 preferences None of the above: 3 preferences Completion of survey due 30 June 2020 - ACTION: Alex to complete on behalf of WMAU Open letters from Affiliates & Chairperson’s- Alex & Pru to forward when available

  • Wikimania 2021 REDACTED
  • ESEAP Board training planning for December 2020 - Indonesia or Taiwan - 1 person funded
  • ESEAP nominee on Strategy Transition Group: Biyanto Rebin, WM Indonesia

National activities

  • Know my Name

NGA virtual training for volunteers has begun - Kerry Raymond doing the training

Local activities

  • ACT:
  • QLD:
  • NSW:
  • NT:
  • SA:
  • TAS:
  • VIC: Bernard & Alex - online workshop for Uni Melbourne academics
  • WA: Probably going to start meeting in-person again soon (at Riff coworking space in the CBD).
  Liaise with Ingrid Cumming, now at Curtin University to support Noongarpedia activity



Safe Spaces Policy Review - raised at Community meeting

ACTION: Define the event organiser and reporter. Create an incident register to document reports and keep track of multiple occasions. Where to host this for data privacy? ACTION: Watching brief to review this when the WMF protocols are determined. ACTION: Steve to update Safe Space Policy on wiki to detail incident register and reporting process etc

Outreach to Public Relations Institute of Australia - raised at Community meeting

To increase understanding in the sector about Wikipedia’s policies Summarise COI rules and user name policy - ‘handy hints to preserve your reputation’ Is this a top 3 problem for us in Australian content? What positive message/advice can we give? ACTION: Steve will look at drafting this and Matt and Caddie will review - not urgent

Survey - review members’ responses - recommend merging questions *link redacted*

ACTION: Pru to follow up with banner ad -


ACTION: legally drafted template for organisational partnerships. Define levels of partnership. Active and Past partnerships. Partnerships page: Add start & finish dates and review dates - For next meeting ACTION: Caddie to record the partnership agreement with Franklin Women on WMAU Wiki Investigate Volunteer personal accident insurance - discuss at future meeting,-community-and-nfp-groups/volunteer-personal-accident Centenary Institute - Matt to contact - ongoing

Meeting closed: 8.41pm

  • Next Community meeting: Wed 8 July 7pm (AEST)
  • Future Community meetings: Wed 12 August 7pm (AEST)
  • Next Committee meeting: Mon 20 July 7pm (AEST)


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