Wikimedia Australia January 2024 Update

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, Ali Smith.

This month’s news and happenings include a call for WikiCon 2024 subcommittee nominations, inspirational projects and new events.


WikiCon Australia 2024 Planning Subcommittee

WikiCon Brisbane 2023 was a great success but we want to do even better! We're reaching out to invite two members of our Wikimedia Australia community to join our WikiCon 2024 Planning Subcommittee. At this stage Wikicon 2024 will be held in November, and your input on plans throughout this time will be invaluable. If you're keen to be part of sharing ideas for this exciting opportunity, then please email Alice Woods, by Thursday 29 February 2024. We would love to have your insights and energy on board!

Wikipedia and-as Data 19 June 2024

Wikipedia and/as Data: Call for Submissions

What is Wikipedia’s relationship to data? What should Wikipedia’s relationship to data be?

On 19 June the 2024 wikihistories symposium will gather together social scientists, humanists, critical technologists, and others to investigate Wikipedia’s connection to data and the importance of this relationship for the global information ecosystem and the production of knowledge. Participants will be invited to share short presentations and to participate in discussions. The deadline for submissions is 15 February 2024.

Wiki Love Living Heritage

Wiki Loves Living Heritage - Get inspired!

Learn how others have worked with living heritage in collaboration with Wikimedia communities. Wiki Loves Living Heritage invites heritage communities, Wikimedia volunteers, safeguarding organisations and authorities around the world to document and share Living Heritage together. The lessons learned from 2023 are now online with helpful how-to guides on everything from translating content, importing inventories, and navigating cultural sensitivities. Have an idea? Get in touch with us!

Library and Information Science WikiProject

The Library and Information Science WikiProject is a 2024 partner project between Wikimedia Australia, Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers and Charles Sturt University, School of Information and Communication Studies. The project aims to identify and fill gaps in library and information science (LIS)-related content on Wikimedia platforms.


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