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Meeting opened at: 5:05 pm AEST

Chair: Pru Mitchell
Attendance: MargaretRDonald, Pru Mitchell, Alex Lum, Amanda Lawrence, Alex Sims, Ann Reynolds, Brian Salter-Duke, Caddie Brain, Jacinta Sutton, Matt Moore, Michael Fromholtz, Nick Wall (nickw25), Sam Wilson, Steven Crossin, Thomas Shafee, Tom Hogarth, Gillian White, Kerry Raymond, Robert Myers
Apologies: Toby Hudson, Gideon Digby

Motion: That the 2019 AGM minutes be accepted,
Moved: Steven Crossin
Seconded: Alex Lum
Carried without dissent


President’s report

What to say about the 2020-21 Wikimedia Australia year? We started out with a bang and lots of media attention with the Franklin Women edit-a-thon in July 2019, and Have A Go Day in WA, and peaked midway with the WikiCite conference in February and the massive Know My Name national event in March 2020.

Then COVID-19 restrictions hit and we have been in 'online only' mode since mid-March. The decision to set up our own online meeting infrastructure last year turned out to be a fortunate move, and our monthly online community meetings have been a highlight for me. Up front, I wish to thank members of the committee who have balanced their committee responsibilities with a range of unprecedented personal challenges over the past twelve months. We truly appreciate your time and commitment in this year of disruption.

Motion: That the President's report be accepted
Moved: Pru Mitchell
Seconded: Steven Crossin
Carried without dissent

Secretary’s report

I would like the thank Tom, who was the secretary from 2016-19, and also a massive thank you to the committee and the community for its understanding during my term in 2019-20, October is when everything became rather hectic with fires burning over a wide area of NE NSW into SE QLD but after my second deployment in Nowra, I had questioned if I would be able to give the time required for the role but having to almost operate in my aviation role for a month during January. And COVID-19 came along, which is when I made the decision to step aside for the next term on the Committee to take sometime out. I had also been great working for the University of Sydney, working with Frances Di Lauro and Carrol Quadrio in Writing for the Digital World (OLES2129). Some great articles have come from the course and would jump at doing it again in the future. What now? I will be focusing on taking sometime out but also start focusing on getting photos edited and uploaded onto Commons, will be undertaking aviation radio operator training next week in Dubbo and have taken on a secretary in my local brigade (though not as involved time wise). I wish the new Committee all the best for the 2020-21 term but also into the future, I will still be helping out when asked.

Getting the back logged minutes published and to keep them published as soon as possible was one of my big goals, early on I was able to tackle this but once everything became rather busy, it was hard to do. I did have plans on making some changes with the category system and the way reports are displayed, however I wasn't able to fulfil the goal. Though behind the scenes I was able to create a "Correspondence" page on the Committee wiki to make it way of seeing if something is outstanding with any incoming and outgoing Correspondence, whether it has been dealt with and the action taken.

Motion: That the Secretary’s report be accepted
Moved: Robert Myers
Seconded: Alex Lum
Carried without dissent

Treasurer’s report

This year has been a challenging one for all of us, with the most significant cause being the impact of COVID-19 on both our work as an organisation, and the unique personal challenges it has created for many of us, especially for those, like myself, that reside in Victoria. Personally, this year I juggled my committee responsibilities of handling our finances and learning our accounting systems which I was somewhat unfamiliar, with my final year of university and a demanding full time job working as an IT engineer in the healthcare industry. However, overall, I am proud of the work that we have done as a chapter. Our finances are in a strong position, and I would like to thank outgoing secretary Robert for his assistance with this role and his many years of service to the committee while juggling multiple personal commitments this year. I also want to thank Pru for all the work she has done in her three years as President and eighth year on the committee, and I hand the reins of the Treasurer position confident that she will excel. I look forward to the other side of this pandemic, and all the programs we as an organisation will deliver in the year ahead, and am delighted to continue on the committee in what will now be my eighth year as a member.

Motion: That the Treasurer's report be accepted
Moved: Steven Crossin
Seconded: Jacinta Sutton
Carried without dissent


Result of committee election. All positions were declared filled and no elections were required.

President Alex Lum
Vice President Caddie Brain
Secretary Steven Crossin
Treasurer Pru Mitchell
Ordinary committee
(4 positions)
1. Jacinta Sutton
2. Sam Wilson
3. Tom Hogarth
4. Amanda Lawrence

Pru hands over the chair to Alex, who thanks everyone on the committee for the past year.

General Business

Note: No formal motions can brought to the meeting for voting. No general business


Meeting closed at: 5:55pm AEST

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