Meeting:Committee (2018-10-01)

Committee meeting

1 October 2018

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.


  • Date: Time / time zone: 4PM AWST, 5:30PM, 6PM.
  • Meeting channel: Skype
  • Attendees: Pru, Sam, Robert, Caddie.
  • Apologies: Tom, Gideon, Steve.

Minutes of previous meeting

Business arising and actions

  • AGM Mon 8 October 4pm/5.30pm/7pm etc
  • Nominations to website
  • election - Adam available if required
  • ACTION: Pru will contact Tom to post the nominations and confirm receipt of nominations
  • Communication with members
  • ACTION: Secretary to send email to members
  • On the day
  • ACTION: Tom to ensure that Sam and/or Gideon have a copy of all details related Secretary in case of technical disruption

Wikimania 2017 report public version (Tom)
ESEAP conference 2018 reports: - Robert (in progress offline) and Tom Wikimania 2018 report - Robert (public report in progress offline)


President's report

  • AGM planning

ACTION: Pru to complete report

  • WikiTour Hobart

Good contacts in research administration. Main outcomes include Wikidata properties:

  • Asaf’s visit, 9 - 18 November
    • 3 - 5 GLAM Wiki, Tel Aviv
    • 8 Nov flight from Tel Aviv to Melb
    • 9 - 12 Nov WMAU Planning Melbourne
    • Attendees, booking flights, accommodation
    • 12-18 Perth, Canberra and/or Sydney
    • Fri 17 Nov - possible Perth event
    • 18 Nov - to Wellington
    • 19-21 Nov National Digital Forum, Wellington, NZ
    • 24 Nov to Ukraine
  • Wikimedia Summit, 29–31 March 2019: Registration opens 2 November and closes 17 Dec 2018
ACTION: AGENDA item next meeting

  • Affiliate Chairpersons meeting, 24-25 Nov 2018,_2018
ACTION: Pru to communicate apology

Secretary's report

ACTION: AGM reporting

Correspondence report

Nothing to note

Treasurer's report

AGM reporting
Account balances: PayPal: $, Westpac Acc: $, CC: $
Income: $ donation, $ membership joining (memberships on-hold until after the AGM)
Expenses: $
APG tracking: $
To be presented at the AGM and next meeting

Membership report

Membership on hold: 2 more from WikiTour
PDF version now on

Communications report

This Month in GLAM due 7 Oct WikiTourAU - photos from Sam, link to
Newsletter November post-AGM
Publish newsletter after the face-to-face
Judging results of WLM
Robert has gained access to the WMAU LinkedIn company page

Technical report

  • Miraheze migration questions:
  • As discussed, we have resolved to host our own wikis rather than hosting externally - for upskilling local admins
  • The trial site and all data on Miraheze will be requested to be deleted.
  • In recognition of the support and work involved by Miraheze:


Local activities

  • WA group WikiTour.
  • ASA Conference. Sam reported on 3 days of conference and stall. 1 new member. Ran out of newsletters and infosheets. Handed out business cards. Audience generally positive .
  • Workshop: tech-savvy audience 10 participants + 4 supporting Wikimedians.
  • Meetup: Sunday. Sam has metrics set up on
  • Check out: - new events dashboard under active development. Give feedback.
  • Request from Australian Association of Maritime History for WikiClubWest to be part of Fremantle Port Open Day in month’s time.

National activities

Wiki Loves Monuments - closed. Waiting on judging

Global activities

No global activities discussed.


Now have access to Linkedin page, Pru added as Admin. Next goal is the Linkedin group page. (see Communication report)

Old membership database, does it exist? Trying to rebuild the past membership list based off Xero and Comm Wiki but figures do not add up (Robert)

ACTION: Sam to give Robert access to CiviCRM

Next committee to discuss

  • “lifetime memberships”, eg significant contributors
  • Corporate/ partner membership: eg libraries, historical societies

AGENDA for Face to Face meeting

Meeting close: 5.21pm / 7.21pm
Next meeting: Date / Time / Time zone Monday 1 October 2018 at 4pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 6.00pm VIC/NSW

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