Meeting:Committee (2021-04-19)

Committee meeting

19 April 2021

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).



  • Attendees: Tom, Alex (Chair), Pru, Sam, Amanda (and Caddie)
  • Apologies: None
  • Leave of absence: Jacinta
  • Absent: Steve

Previous minutes

Minutes of previous meeting: Meeting:Committee_(2021-03-15).

That the minutes of the 15 March 2021 meeting be accepted.

Moved: Alex
Seconded: Sam
Published to Comm Wiki and Public website: Meeting:Committee_(2021-03-15)

Business arising and actions

ACTIONS - dealt with under appropriate reports below


  • Indigenous architecture/Country meeting sponsored by Parlour
  • City of Sydney Meeting potential partnership (Caddie and Alex) - explore initial focus with City of Sydney Library on their three planned edit-a-thons
  • APG - final committee endorsement will be required via email before 1 May
    • Difficulty costing the coding component: Suggestions of intern, mentoring of a student, advertising a technical grant, encourage tech types to approach WMAU with ideas for building tools. Stage 1 Proof of Concept
    • Identify the right people and invite them to be involved
    • Include funding for promoting the tech grant program
Action: Coordinate development of a brief for a Census Tool (2 - 4 weeks work) - even a slide pack mocking up what we think it might look like.
Assigned to Caddiebrain.


Community Support and Outreach Coordinator report

Commenced position 6 April 2021. Weekly reports provided to Pru and Alex. Workplan: Communications plan: planning stage commenced. Draft review in May meeting.


1Lib1Ref - Two sessions per week with myself and Kerry Raymond Suggestions of libraries? Contacts?

  • ACTION: Give Caddie contacts, and Caddie provide template email for individuals to promote
  • ACTION: Caddie: provide a blurb for Pru to put in ALIA Weekly

Video platform: in principle agreement: Concern expressed over adding more tools/logins etc to manage WLE - Margaret Donald organising. Dates 1 May to 7 June 2021 Judges: TBC (Margaret is requesting a callout) EOI/criteria required, and inclusion of ecological communities, also needs ‘depicts statements support’. Margaret meeting, Tom and Alex. Approve a WMAU email address for Margaret

Decision: That be established as an WMAU email address and is added to the wle-au-team email address.
Moved: Canley; seconded: samwilson; outcome: Approved
Action: Sam to create and let Margaret know. Done.
Assigned to Samwilson. currently goes to Gideon (Gmail) &


April newsletter complete: (next newsletter 1 June) Blog post: Proposed future posts: Know My Name Franklin Women/WOMEESA Ten years since SLQ Commons photo release Noongarpedia Paralympic project Wikiclubs?

Laptop stickers for WMAU/1Lib1Ref/NZ. Caddie to circulate options via email.

Meetings summary

April Community Meeting (Helen Morgan, Clare Crowe and Mary Tomsic) Natasha Isles, Wikimedia UK Siohban Leachman and Mike Dickson, Wikimedia Aotearoa Michael Buchanan, City of Sydney Annette Webb, City of Sydney Sam WIlson, WMAU Tech Linda Pascal, Know My Name blog post interview Kerry Raymond, 1Lib1Ref and Edit-a-thon resources Margaret Donald, WLE CommMeet: Community meetings structure Caddie to circulate plan for WikiCite session for next meeting with Liam Wyatt and Margaret Donald via email.

New actions (beyond workplan)?

ACTIONS: Role statement finalised: Budget and communications finalised

President's report

Movement Strategy
Global Conversations meetings

Board Governance Feedback

Vanj Padilla (Communication Facilitator, Board Governance, ESEAP) Keen to meet with various stakeholders, but missed the community meeting. Feedback closes today. Comment on the talk page if able to.

AGM proposed dates

Secretary's report

Community meeting notes

  • 9 December 2020
  • ACTION: Steve to publish on meetings page
  • ACTION: Sam to list community meetings on the Meetings page.
  • Indigenous reference group
  • Coordinator WA Universities Awaiting report due mid June.

  • WikiScholar program

Kerrie Burn, Visiting Scholar program with University of Divinity to support Women in Religion Action: Amanda will draft a public-facing proposal to bring to committee and community Interested parties: Pru, Alex, Caddie, Kerrie Develop proposal further, and set up a couple of pilots

  • Registration for website editing was disabled due to spam, but submitting proposals on the WMAU wiki requires login.

Action: Sam to look at options for reducing spam, possibly re-opening registration

AGM 2020 minutes

ACTION: Steve - follow up with Robert and post draft minutes of AGM to

Accounts and passwords

ACTION: Further investigate and identify accounts that require a common password (ongoing) - Ongoing. Paypal is an issue


Previous correspondence actions Seb Chan, ACMI - re-opening to the public from Thu 11 Feb 2021, keen to work together ACTION: Plan for an edit-a-thon for Australian film or new exhibitions

Treasurer's report

Profit & Loss Statement since last meeting

Profit & Loss Statement 15 March 2021 - 17 April 2021

  • Current Account balances as of 17 April 2021
   **Westpac: $ 86,079.42
   **CC:   $ 352.03
   ** PayPal: $ 1,858.28
  • Income: $575.00 in donations, $0 in interest $0 memberships
  • Expenses $26.16 website, $47.27 Xero, $6.73 paypal fees, $205 PO Box renewal

$43.21 reimbursement for VIC Women in Religion catering (approved via email: 8/3/2021: Alex, Tom, Pru, Caddie) $156.31 reimbursement for VIC Art+Feminism catering (approved meeting 15/3) $63.64 flowers for WWW (approved via email: 22/3) Requests for financial commitment

  • $70 postage - for stickers
  • Up to $?? 1Lib1Ref Stickers (NZ)

100 stickers $ 107.00 200 stickers $ 125.00 500 stickers $ 214.00 1000 stickers $ 281.00

Decision: WMAU COmmittee approves Coordinator to commit up to $1000 on stickers - design to be approved and distribution of stickers
Moved: Amanda; seconded: Alex; outcome: Approved
  • Zoom account? ($209.90 annual) Small team account up to 100 participants

WMAU approves Coordinator in conjunction with the President to subscribe to an appropriate Zoom plan for 12 months up to cost of $300.00 Moved: Alex Seconded: Pru Passed

  • $3-500 WLE judging

WMAU approves payment of gifts for WLE judges up to $400 Moved: Alex Seconded: Pru Passed: [Abstain: Tom]


Pru needs password for PayPal to transfer to Westpac
BAS due 2 March 2021 still outstanding - waiting on advice re credited invoices from previous period which are resulting in BAS not being accepted
Member enquiry re Renewal price for existing members is $10 - changed to $9.95? for 2021 onwards
Membership renewals will go out automatically on 1 May 2021

Moved: Alex Seconded: Amanda

1 - 15 April 2021: Window for discussing and preparing proposal documents Meeting held with Veronica Sat 1 May 2021: Deadline for submitting grant proposals.

Communications report

Newsletter Due date for content: June 2021 ACTION: Alex and Caddie to produce Media Social media Facebook Committee to do weekly Twitter Committee to do weekly Post an Australian article regularly

  • WMF DIFF Blog

Heather Ford pitch UTS project to the WMF blog - which category to put this

Technical report

If anyone has any requests for the WMAU wikis, tell Sam. T262775 Install MinervaNeue and MobileFrontend on all WMAU wikis may no longer be required, because of the next item. Create custom MediaWiki skin for WMAU. T210363 Remove spam from noongarwp wiki Might move WMAU website to the Australian data centre, might not be much difference but may be a bit quicker. Training Request for committee training/instructions on setting up events and events pages


Global activities

  • Brand Network - Alex

ESEAP has recently completed its election process and elected Rachmat Wahidi as its representative as an advisor on the Brand Committee. Details of the recent process is published here

  • SWAN (Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network) Next meeting: 21 March 2021

  • WIkiCite / Wikibase / Koha connections - possible area of investigation for major project/partnership with Catalyst and NZ User Group

ACTION: Pru to initiate meeting

National activities

  • Noongarpedia: Nyungar spoken words on video

Wikidata and GLAMs outreach proposal progress update

Draft Matrix, Candidate Collection Preparation Checklists and Wikidata value proposition documents published as Wikidata: Engagement with Australian GLAMs ACTION: Pru to ask Rebecca to present on the project and meeting at a COmmunity meeting. History of Paralympics Project Paralympics editathon in Sydney ACTION: Pru to follow up with Tony and get Tony to present - Still in progress It would be good to reach a broader audience. Can we piggyback on other organisations to seed presentations on our project? ACTION: Amanda to contact some possible organisations about our capabilities relative to similar projects as Wiki Scholar and other relevant topics/issues

Trove infrastructure

ACTION Pru: Invite a Trove rep to speak at a Community meeting about Trove API, Australian Library Gateway and/or Partner IDs Wikidata project

Australian Women’s Register

Presentation at November Community meeting - Report required ACTION:

  • Know my Name

ACTION: Pru and Caddie: update and Facebook group management NGA - report from Caddie about future online event Art+Feminism theme for Vic & ACT Sat 6 March - Report from Caroline due end March Uni Sydney Mon - Report from Bunty due end March WOMESA online edit-a-thon - Report from Caddie

  • Wiki Visiting Scholar program

ACTION: Pru & Amanda to prepare proposal for committee

Local activities

  • ACT:
  • QLD:
  • NSW: ACTION: Pru follow up with University of Newcastle outreach dashboard.

Three edit-a-thons planned for City of Sydney this year. IP block affecting everyone: Error - You are currently unable to edit Wikipedia due to a block affecting your IP address. This does not affect your ability to read Wikipedia pages.

  • WA: Meetups held - 2021-2022 plan being discussed and developed internally so far


Safe Spaces Policy Review

UCoC policy has been approved by the WMF Board of Trustees, currently in Phase 2 - community conversations and approval. ACTION: Watching brief to review this when the WMF Global Code of Conduct is determined.

Outreach to Public Relations Institute of Australia - raised at Community meeting

To increase understanding in the sector about Wikipedia’s policies Summarise COI rules and user name policy - ‘handy hints to preserve your reputation’ Is this a top 3 problem for us in Australian content? What positive message/advice can we give? ACTION: Steve will look at drafting this and Caddie will review - not urgent

Survey - review members’ responses - recommend merging questions ACTION: Pru to follow up with banner ad - Not done yet, but we’ll get to it.


ACTION: legally drafted template for organisational partnerships. Define levels of partnership. Active and Past partnerships. Partnerships page: Add start & finish dates and review dates - For next meeting

Meeting close: 8.53pm AEST

  • Next Community meeting: Wed 12 May 2021, 7pm (AEDT)
  • Next Committee meeting: Mon 17 May 2021, 7pm (AEDT)
  • AGM:


  • Communications plan review and discussion (May) for final approval in June meeting
  • Policy on segments of our community - role, responsibilities, communications, issues, email addresses, who can speak for who etc:
    • WMAU committee members
    • WMAU members
    • Wiki Club branches aka Wiki Club West
    • WMAU approved facilitators
    • Australian volunteers, incl admins
    • WMAU partners
    • WMF

Future discussions

    • CRM
    • Evaluation
    • Community Meeting Structure
    • WMAU email addresses: how do I access contact?

Too many! Let’s cull some? Proposing we get rid of: partnerships? Press Donate Membership?

    • Website changes (pending comms plan):

Add contact footer Remove Edit buttons etc for public (to appear when logged in) Events page improvement (detail, how it looks) Stories page (when there is enough content) Combine About Us and FAQ

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