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Committee meeting

21 February 2022

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).


Date: Monday 21 February 2022
Time / time zone: 4pm AWST / 5.30pm CST / 7pm AEDT
Meeting channel: Zoom


Attendees: Alex, Michael, Pru, Bunty, Amanda, Paige (and Caddie)
Apologies: Sam Wilson, Tom Hogarth
Leave of absence:

Previous minutes

Minutes of previous meeting

Moved: Alex
Seconded: Pru


Matters for discussion

See the actions list for January

Strategic plan priority

Results of voting on strategic plan priorities [Mon 21 Feb]

  • 1. Mentoring and networking sessions for existing editors across regular editing sessions (12 points, 3 votes)
  • 2. Outreach/promotion through workshops, events and social media to recruit new editors (tied, 11 points, 3 votes)
  • 2. Develop a Content development strategy to set priority areas (in line with equity goals but not limited) (tied, 11 points, 3 votes)
  • 3. Monitor and apply for WMF funding (8 points, 2 votes)
  • 4. Implementation and promotion of the Wikipedia certified facilitator program. Review annually. (7 points)
  • 5. Apply for more partnership grants (like Australia Council for the Arts, MusicNT) (6 points, 2 votes)
  • 6. Conduct stakeholder analysis for partnerships (with reference to the equity goals) (5 points, one vote)
  • 7. Regular community meetings, meetups and outreach/promotion of resources and the Wikimedia movement (5 points, one vote)
  • 8. Set up a Reference group (only 3 points, but two votes)

Finalise Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 plans [Mon 21 Feb]

Final Strategic Planning meeting [Mon 28 Feb]

Timeline for WMF Community Grant 2022 - 2024

  • Draft grant proposal based on Strategic and Annual Plans
  • Draft budget for Year 1 and Year 2 so we can apply for 2 years funding [Wed 2 March 2022]
  • Meet with regional grants officer to discuss our draft proposal [Wed 16 March 2022]
  • March committee meeting to ratify proposal [Mon 21 March 2022]
  • Fluxx form to be used for submission [due Thu 14 April 2022]

IWD events

  • Approve coffee tab of $100 for International Women’s Day event at Richmond Library, Melbourne run by Caroline Phillips and Pru Mitchell
  • Approve $400 for event costs for International Women’s Day event at Griffith Museum Gallery - Louise Mayhew
  • Approve $200 for event costs for International Women’s Day events for Women in Religion - Kerrie Burn
  • TOTAL: $700 (from ‘Gender Equity’ budget line of Simple APG budget)
Moved: Pru (via email); seconded: Amanda; outcome: Approved

Census Tool

One application was received for the project and was deemed inappropriate. We did receive an email from Maia Williams who said she was interested but couldn’t meet the original timeline (starting in April instead). We approached Toby Hudson and David in WA to see if they were interested in taking on the position. Both are interested in helping on the project voluntarily. Recommendation: that we appoint Maia Williams (with project support team of Alex, Sam, Toby and David) at a cost of $3000 if she’s still available.

Decision: That WMAU should appoint Maia Williams for Census Tool project
Moved: Alex; seconded: Bunty; outcome: Approved

ACTION: Award Census Tool project to Maia Williams

Domain name:

Garry Gillard (of fame) registered a few years ago, and on 3 Mar 2021 he asked us if we wanted it. He said that he wasn’t allowed to use it due to trademark rules (although it’s not clear that WMAU or WMF does own a trademark on ‘Freopedia’) and it’s not been used for anything. If we take it on, we’ll redirect it to the Freopedia project page on English Wikipedia (although we might want to set up a page on Meta, if the project is to contain further Commons and Wikidata aspects).

Decision: That WMAU should take on the domain name and set it up as a redirect to
Moved: Pru (via email); seconded: Alex (via email); outcome: passed (via email)
Notes: The cost will be about $28/year, and we’ll register it with our domain registrar Domain Central.

ACTION: Sam to organise domain name for Freopedia

Wikipedian in Residence Proposal at the AMV

As part of Simple APG we said we’d establish a pilot Wikipedian in Residence. Amanda Lawrence was first pilot in 2021 but did not require funding. The Australian Music Vault has invited James Gaunt be a Wikipedian in Residence there from July-Sept 2022. Based on the explosion of interest in the project and request for edit-a-thons throughout the year, we are proposing a one day per week residency program for six months, three months of which will be based at the Australian Music Vault. We are proposing we spend the $7K against the Wikipedian in Residence and that the Australian Music Vault contribute $5K.

Decision: To approve the appointment of James Gaunt as Wikimedia Australia’s Australian Music Wikipedian in Residence at the Australian Music Vault to a cost of $7,000.
Moved: Alex; seconded: Paige; outcome: Approved
  • Action: Caddie and James to contact the AMV to discuss arrangements for the WiR

Wiki Loves Earth

Proposal for participation:

  • That Wikimedia Australia participates in the Wiki Loves Earth competition in 2022, and invites Margaret Donald to coordinate the competition, supported by a small working party.
  • That WMAU approve the following criteria for awards for the 2022 competition:
  • all criteria of the international competition with WMAU granting prizes of $100 each for the top 15 images (or number confirmed with the international competition in advance)


  • photos may not be considered unless the uploader provides adequate description and identifiers
  • judges may consider only the first uploaded image of multiple images by a contributor of the same feature
  • judges may award up to three prizes for "filling the gaps" at $100 each for the purpose of rewarding images of places and things not yet found in the Commons or Wikipedia
  • That WMAU will fund $150 honorarium each for a maximum of 3 judges.
Moved: Alex; seconded: Amanda; outcome: Approved

ACTION: Caddie to set up monthly meeting for Wiki Loves Earth working party (Alex, Tom, Pru, Margaret)

Agreements review

Need to review the documents used for service agreements and grants for our WIkidata fellows, the Census project and the Wikimedian in Residence program

ACTION: Amanda and Caddie to review Draft Services agreement and grant agreement documentation

Financial Approvals

Decision: Approved
  • $3700 Executive Officer monthly invoice
  • $1003 - Australian Music Coordinator (with $3 reimbursement for Limelight Magazine)
  • $700 for Gender Equity programs (see above)
  • $2750 - Patrick, Strategic Communications Australia (invoice no. 2)
  • $400 - Mike Dickison (for training at Australian Music Centre edit-a-thon)
    Moved: Alex; seconded: Paige; outcome:
  • Matters for Discussion

    Proposed AGM Dates 2022

    Date confirmed for AGM as 5pm Sunday 7 August 2022 online

    Nominations close Friday 5 August

    Facilitator program feedback

    Facilitator program published on website: Invitation to a few key Wikimedians to help us begin the program. Could adopt additional steps based on feedback

    ACTION: discuss at next meeting.



    Executive Officer report [FOR NOTING]


    AMC Media Release Expanding Australian music’s presence on Wikipedia, Limelight Magazine

    Member updates

    Social media report

    Twitter: January - 34 tweets / 1017 profile visits / 28.8K impressions / 50 mentions / 43 new followers December - 22 tweets / 1117 profile visits / 16.6K impressions / 33 mentions / 41 new followers November - 18 tweets / 8522 impressions / 83 mentions / 21 new followers

    Facebook: January - 7 posts / 789 reach / 47 engagements / 22 post clicks / -2 followers December - 8 posts 864 reach / 44 engagements / 34 post clicks / 9 new followers November - 8 posts / 1452 reach / 88 engagements / 26 post clicks / 3 new followers

    Instagram: January - 2 posts / 13 likes / 48 followers December - 7 posts 43 likes / 48 followers - launch

    Meetings summary

    February Meeting, Franklin Women, Heather Ford, Australian Music Centre, Surround Sounds, Music Victoria, Carolyn Hough, Louise Mayhew, Music NT, Women in Religion

    ===President's report=== Alex


    Hubs proposals

    • Next meeting: Sunday 27 February 2pm – 4pm (AEDT)

    Secretary's report

    Reports from funded projects - none


    Margaret Donald re WLE

    Rachel Arinii Judhistari, Lead Public Policy Specialist, Asia has offered support and interest in our response to the copyright reform bill ACTION: Amanda to send through WMAU's submission

    Treasurer's report

    Profit & Loss Statement since last meeting

    Profit & Loss Statement 17 Jan 2022 - 20 Feb 2022

    • Current Account balances as of 20 Feb 2022
       **Westpac: $ 121,179.20
       **CC:  $3,001.50
       ** PayPal: $ 2,398.83
    • Income: $527.89‬ in donations, $0 memberships
    • Expenses Total: $6,020.00 - $3,700.00 EO $1,000 Coordinator Music Project, $29.51 website hosting, $49.09‬ Xero, $6.11 Paypal fees
    • Membership report

    No membership applications

    Decision: That the Treasurer’s report be accepted.
    Moved: Alex; seconded: Amanda; outcome:

    Technical report

    Current technical tasks (feel free to leave any comments on these on Phabricator):

    • phab:T210363 Remove spam from noongarwp wiki — Does anyone care about this? Do we want to keep these two wikis? Doesn’t impact the rest of the meta:Noongarpedia project wikis.
    • phab:T293433 Improve timezone display for events


    National activities

    Wikidata and GLAMs outreach

    Events / Local activities

    Meeting close: 8:32pm AEDT

    • Next Community meeting: Wed 9 March 2021, 7pm (AEDT)
    • Next Committee meeting: Mon 21 March 2021, 7pm (AEDT)
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