Meeting:Committee (2022-06-20)

Committee meeting

20 June 2022

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).


Date: Monday 20 June 2022
Time / time zone: 5pm AWST / 6.30pm CST / 7pm AEST
Meeting channel: Zoom


Attendees: Alex, Amanda, Pru, Sam (and Caddie)
Apologies: Bunty, Tom
Leave of absence:
Absent: Michael, Paige

Previous minutes

Minutes of previous meeting - Monday 16 May 2022 Meeting:Committee_(2022-05-16)

  • That the minutes of the 16 May 2022 meeting be accepted.
Moved: Alex
Seconded: Pru


Matters for decision

Jumbunna research expenditure

Approve up to $12,000 for Option 4 - Metadata protocols reports from the proposal from Jumbunna Institute subject to receipt of quote.

Decision: Funding provided to Jumbunna for ATSILIRN Protocol 5: Description and Access as per proposal document
Moved: Pru; seconded: Alex; outcome: Passed

ACTION: Prepare agreement for deliverables for Jumbunna

New Staff

Approve and recruit to Project and Communications Coordinator position

Advertise publicly, listing the job on Ethical Jobs and our WMAU website and distribute through our networks and announce list (email and social media).

Request a CV and no more than a 2 page cover letter addressing the selection criteria.

Recruitment timeline:

  • Monday 20 June - Committee meeting ratification, finalise job description and selection criteria
  • Tuesday 21 June - List job
  • Monday 27 June - Job in member mailout
  • Sunday 10 July - Job closes
  • Monday 11 July - 15 July - Interviews (Caddie, Paige, Alex)
  • Monday 18 July - Selected candidate approved at committee meeting
  • Tuesday 19 July - Preferred candidate offered job
  • Monday 25 July - Candidate starts (negotiable)
Decision: Position to be advertised and filled as above
Moved: Amanda; seconded: Pru; outcome: Approved

ACTION: Recruit for new Project Officer role - Caddie, Paige, Alex

Approve sticker expenditure

Quotation: For #1Lib1Ref ‘Citation Needed’ stickers

  • 250 stickers $ 109.00 – specially discounted price (each sticker)
  • 500 stickers $ 177.00 – specially discounted price
  • 1000 stickers $ 245.00 – specially discounted price
Decision: order 500 Citation Needed stickers
Moved: Pru; seconded: Amanda; outcome: Approved

Catering for City of Sydney event

One platter of food for City of Sydney edit-a-thon - $50 (pre 30 June)

Decision: WMAU approve up to $50 for catering for City of Sydney edit-a-thon
Moved: Pru; seconded: Alex; outcome: approved

ACTION: Order food and raise reimbursement - Caddie

Financial Approvals

Decision: Approved
  • Executive Officer monthly invoice: $5130 June 2022
  • Wikimedian in Residence final invoice $3500
  • Wiki Loves Earth Prizes $1500
  • Integration of government agencies data from the National Archives of Australia with Wikidata using the GLAM Workbench, Tim Sherratt $3000
  • Postage stamps x50 $55
    Moved: Pru; seconded: Alex; outcome:

Westpac bank account administrators change

That Wikimedia Australia approve the addition of Carole-Anne Brook, Managing Director and Key Administration Solutions ABN 15 620 286 946 to administrator of Wikimedia Australia's Westpac accounts

That Wikimedia Australia approve the removal of Steven Crossin, Past Secretary as administrator of Wikimedia Australia's Westpac accounts.

Decision: Accepted: Amanda Lawrence, Sam Wilson, Paige Wright
Moved: Pru Mitchell, Treasurer; seconded: Alex Lum, President; outcome:

ACTION: Pru to organise approval with bank

Key Matters for Discussion

Scholarships for WOW and Community conference

Review policy and application process Determine budget for scholarships Community event:

The Aust community event with follow the WoW conference Mainly self funded travel with $4000 of scholarships for travel and accommodation Program to be developed by the community

If ESEAP event is funded Three communities to consider 1. Wikimania Organising Committee 2. ESEAP affiliates strand 3. Community strand - Aust and ESEAP

ACTION: Draft scholarship application form

APO Alliance Grant

Approved for funding by WMF. WMAU Advisory Group: Amanda Lawrence, Pru Mitchell Invite one other person e.g. Thomas Shafee who also works at Swinburne.

ACTION: Amanda to Contact APO re WMAU advisory group contacts


Based upon our Simple APG funding 2021-22 how did we go? Discussion on what we achieved, what we learned and how to allocate responsibility amongst committee members in future.

Community support Mini grants including Wikidata [Caddie + Alex + Bunty] Census tool [Alex + Sam] Community meetings [Tom] Outreach First Nations [Caddie + Bunty] GLAM & Education [Amanda + Paige] Campaigns [Pru + Michael]


Executive Officer report [FOR NOTING]


This Month in GLAM

Social media report

Twitter: May - 38 tweets / 5524 profile visits / 14.7K impressions / 64 mentions / 47 new followers April - 24 tweets / 5911 profile visits / 11.8K impressions / 101 mentions / 53 new followers March - 24 tweets / 2394 profile visits / 8.9K impressions / 37 mentions / 14 new followers

Facebook: May - 12 posts / 1530 reach / 106 post clicks / 74 reactions / 4 new followers April - 11 posts / 2066 reach / 117 post clicks / 186 reactions / 17 new followers March - 9 posts / 878 reach / 33 post clicks / 64 engagements / 2 new followers

Instagram: May - 4 posts / 20 likes / 77 followers April - 7 posts / 43 likes / 75 followers March - 6 posts / 21 likes / 70 followers

Meetings summary

May Community Meeting, ESEAP, James, Exec, Mosman Library, Jumbunna, CC Australia, Inspiring SA

President's report


Application for funding for ESEAP conference in November in Sydney submitted to WMAU

Secretary's report


^Mervat Salem emailed to request participation in WMF Board of Trustees question suggestions by 17 June. Amanda added community suggestions and voted for 5 questions.

^Tim Sherratt wrote to apply for a Wikidata grant

Treasurer's report

Profit & Loss Statement 16 May - 20 Jun 2022

  • Current Account balances as of 20 June 2022
   **Westpac: $ 92,481.57
   **CC:   $ 2,159.40
   ** PayPal: $ 261.35  Transferred to Westpac 20 May 2022 $3,340.85
  • Income: $1,023.65; including $‬560.05 in donations, $19.90 memberships
  • Expenses Total: $13,038.46 including: $2,705 EO; $28.81 website hosting; $54 ‬ Xero; $14.90 Paypal fees; $2,356.20 Media Arts Law; $3,500 W-i-R; $1,500 Wikidata Fellowship; $2000 Census project; $824.44 reimbursements NGA edit-a-thon, Meetup
  • 2021-22 Budget
  • Membership report

1 member (Vic) has re-joined after 2 years lapsed membership. There have been 10 membership renewals since last report. There are now 18 outstanding membership renewals - 1 reminder has been sent, another due this week.

Decision: That the Treasurer’s report be accepted.
Moved: Amanda; seconded: Alex; outcome:

Technical report

Current technical tasks (feel free to leave any comments on these on Phabricator):


Global activities

  • SWAN (Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network)

  • Notes from June meeting:

Next meeting: July 2022

National activities

Wikidata and GLAMs outreach

Events / Local activities

Meeting close: 8:57pm AEST

  • Next Community meeting: Wed 13 July 2022, 7pm (AEST)
  • Next Committee meeting: Mon 18 July 2022, 7pm (AEST)
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