Meeting:Committee (2022-07-18)

Committee meeting

18 July 2022

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).


Date: Monday 18 July 2022
Time / time zone: 5pm AWST / 6.30pm CST / 7pm AEST
Meeting channel: Zoom


Attendees: Alex, Amanda, Paige, Pru, Sam, Tom (and Caddie)
Apologies: Bunty
Absent: Michael

Previous minutes

Minutes of previous meeting:

Decision: accepted.
Moved: Amanda; seconded: Pru; outcome:

With additional motions: Westpac bank account administrators

  • That Wikimedia Australia approve the addition of Carole-Anne Brook, Managing Director and Key Administration Solutions ABN 15 620 286 946 to administrator of Wikimedia Australia's Westpac accounts
  • That Wikimedia Australia approve the removal of Steven Crossin, Past Secretary as administrator of Wikimedia Australia's Westpac accounts.
Decision: Accepted: Amanda Lawrence, Sam Wilson, Paige Wright
Moved: Pru Mitchell, Treasurer; seconded: Alex Lum, President; outcome:

Matters for decision

ACTIONS - dealt with under appropriate reports below
HR Policies and Procedures

With two employees, WMAU requires HR policies and procedures. A basic suite of draft policies and procedures is here for committee review and approval

ACTION: Committee to review HR policies and procedures policy and finalise text for approval.

Project management platform

With such complex projects ahead and two full time staff members working remotely, Wikimedia Australia needs a co-working platform to manage and track projects. Caddie has been trialling the Asana platform over the last few weeks (having investigated and Notion as well - all priced similarly). Asana is used by the Wikimedia Foundation (no licenses can be provided by them, Caddie asked Jacqueline) and there is good support from WMF staff to help us set it up also.

A package of ten licenses is $1,798.80 annually. This would enable the Executive access, two staff members, and four seats for key ESEAP organisers. These four seats could be taken from the ESEAP budget ($14 per person for 4 months = $224)

Open source alternatives? Loomio is open source but more for decision making rather than project management. Phabricator is used by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Motion: In principle approval to EO, President and Technical advisor to select an appropriate project management platform and purchase a package of licenses up to $2000.

Decision: Approved
Moved: Alex; seconded: Paige; outcome:

ACTION: Draft policy on selection of software and tools eg open source where possible etc. ACTION: Caddie, Alex and Sam to look at Wikimedia Phabricator open source program ACTION: Choose Project management software - Caddie and Exec

Zoom account

There has been a suggestion we need an additional dedicated Zoom account for WMAU staff. Decision to use Google Meet where possible as we already have that account.

ESEAP financial approvals

WMAU has received $248,825.00 in funding from the Wikimedia Foundation for the ESEAP Conference in Sydney in November 2022. It is recommended that the WMAU Committee approve relevant expenditures within as approved on Meta as approved financial delegations. Any spend above the budgeted amounts must be approved by the committee. Funds will be tracked via WMAU Xero software.

Decision: Approved
Moved: Tom; seconded: Alex; outcome:

ESEAP affiliate-nominated delegate selection process

ESEAP grant allows for full funding of two (2) affiliate-nominated representatives from Wikimedia Australia plus 1 staff member. Criteria: can travel to Sydney for this conference informed representative able to present about WMAU’s work, and speak on behalf of WMAU in discussions of hub governance contribute to our diversity goals by nominating people of different gender, age, culture, language, experience and/or skills.

Motion: That Alex Lum and Amanda Lawrence are selected as affiliate-nominated representatives

Decision: Approved
Moved: Tom; seconded: Paige; outcome:

Community support funding for conference travel

There were 7 applicants for an Australian community scholarship. Two were ineligible as they were international applicants. Eligible applicants: Gideon, Margaret, Maia, Kerry and Jeremy offered scholarships for flights and accommodation Decision: In principle agreement for travel scholarships for 5 people to attend WOW and ESEAP conferences Total amount not to exceed $6,000

Decision: Approve Australian travel scholarships
Moved: Amanda; seconded: Tom; outcome:

ACTION: Treasurer to notify scholarship recipients and follow up before 30 July 2022.

Financial Approvals - Pru

ESEAP Conference grant: UTS deposit: $11,212.50 Sheraton deposit: $11,550.00 Welcome to Country: $635

Decision: Approved
Moved: Pru; seconded: Alex; outcome:

Matters for Discussion

WMAU grant implementation planning

3 year grant successful!

Staff planning

Recruitment underway for Communications and Projects Officer - panel selection by the end of this week. Recommendation from panel to be sent for committee approval by email between meetings..

APO Alliance Grant - Volunteer Advisory Group

APO grant was successful! WMAU has agreed to form an advisory group with members of WMAU in conjunction with APO. Not just committee members. Advisory Group: Pru, Amanda and Thomas Shafee (TBC)

ACTION: Confirm WMAU Advisory Group for APO project with APO contact


Report on our Simple APG grant outcomes is due by 30 July. Who can contribute to this report in areas of responsibility?

ACTION: Submit report on Simple APG for 2021-2022

Community support Mini grants including Wikidata [Caddie + Alex + Bunty] Census tool [Alex + Sam] Community meetings/events [Tom] Outreach First Nations [Caddie + Pru] GLAM & Education [Amanda + Paige] Campaigns [Pru + Michael]

  • Indigenous grant proposal update


Executive Officer report [FOR NOTING]


Know My Name, This Month in GLAM The Barassi Line: a globally unique divider splitting Australia’s footy fans, article in The Conversation

Social media report

Twitter: June - 33 tweets / 4076 profile visits / 13.2 impressions / 42 mentions / 51 new followers May - 38 tweets / 5524 profile visits / 14.7K impressions / 64 mentions / 47 new followers April - 24 tweets / 5911 profile visits / 11.8K impressions / 101 mentions / 53 new followers

Facebook: June - 10 posts / 1249 reach / 106 post clicks / 50 reactions / 22 new followers May - 12 posts / 1530 reach / 106 post clicks / 74 reactions / 4 new followers April - 11 posts / 2066 reach / 117 post clicks / 186 reactions / 17 new followers

Instagram: June - 3 posts / 13 likes / 83 followers May - 4 posts / 20 likes / 77 followers April - 7 posts / 43 likes / 75 followers

Meetings summary
  • April Community Meeting
  • ESEAP / WIkimania
  • Conference subcommittee
  • Creative SA
  • City of Sydney
  • Mosman Library
  • Australia Council for the Arts

President's report

Wikimania 2022 schedule

The Wikimania COT posted on the Diff blog with the schedule for the event: Time for the Asia-Oceania block is 9:00 UTC – 15:00 UTC, which is 7pm–1am AEST and 9pm–3am for New Zealand. Butch has written to them asking for the time to be moved earlier.


Wikimedia Deutschland is looking for another affiliate to co-host/organise WikidataCon 2023 in October.

Secretary's report

Meeting held with Sarah Powell new EO at Australian Digital Alliance and Elliot Bledsloe In Melbourne on ?? July. She was visiting Melbourne from NZ on her way to move to Canberra. Keen to develop a partnership with WMAU and invited a rep to attend the ADA Forum planned for September (Date TBC)

Voted for Board of Trustees on behalf of WMA Affiliate. Next vote will be from the community.

Treasurer's report

Profit & Loss Statement since last meeting

Accounts as at 17 July 2022: Paypal $673.67 Westpac $614,311.04 Credit card $1,140.34 20/6/2022 - 17/7/2022 Income: WMF grant $291,600; Donations $1,011.39; Australia Council grant $11,000; Membership $19.90; ESEAP Conference $248,825 Expenses: Wikidata grants 4,500.00; UTS Jumbunna project $12,000.00; Postage 52.00; EO - June 5,130.00; Salaries - July $3,567.77 ; Payroll set up 407.09; Workers Compensation 850.00; Superannuation 444.23; PayPal Fees 17.48; Advertising & Promotion 140.00;

  • 2021-22 Budget

End of financial year report Profit and loss report for 2021-22 - for presentation at AGM

Budget for 2022-23

  • Membership report

2 new members QLD & VIC 12 members unfinancial

Decision: That the Treasurer’s report be accepted
Moved: Tom; seconded: Amanda; outcome:

Technical report

No current technical tasks (feel free to create any new ones on Phabricator).


Global activities

  • SWAN (Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network)

  • Notes from June meeting:

Next meeting:

National activities

West Australia meet up happening soon

Events / Local activities

Meeting close: 8:35 pm AEST

  • AGM: 7 August 2022, 5pm AEST
  • Next Community meeting: 10 August 2022
  • Next Committee meeting: 15 August 2022
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