WMAU Community Meeting (Oct 2019)

WMAU Community Meeting (Oct 2019)
General community meeting. Topics to include: Committee to report on recent weekend workshop; WikiClub activities; Preview of new Trove private beta.

Region: National
Location: Online

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Join the meeting at https://wikimedia.blindsidenetworks.net The password will be sent to the members' mailing list a few days before the event, or you can RSVP to contact-at-wikimedia.org.au.


Present: Pru, Alex, Gnangarra, Margaret, Matt, Nick, Tom H, Sam. Thomas S, Ann R, Jacinta.

Apologies: Robert; Caddie; Steve.

WLM report from Robert and Gideon. Jury work is underway, not too far to go. Jury is currently 3 or 4 people.

Robert is also photographing towns in northern NSW. Articles in this area are lacking photos.

MOU for Art and Feminism project is underway. Caddie is away at the moment, but progress is happening. This MOU can serve as a model for future partnerships. Project launches in November, with training at National gallery. We have good baseline metrics, to compare future metrics to.

Goal is to have editathon in each capital city around the country, and regional galleries too. If anyone's interested in helping organise events, get in touch.

Alex has been working on artwork and design for banners and flyers for WikiCLubwest. Heading to Wellington next week for FOSS4G ANZ, giving a lightining talk about Wikdiata. Will be connecting with NZ Wikimedians.

Gideon: No news about Wikimania.

Margaret: maybe running a course through U3A. Many photos on Flickr are available under open licences; there are lots of insect and plant photos available, with good accurate metadata. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Flickr2Commons Some users can upload to Commons directly from a Flickr URL.

Nick: monument heritage lists on Wikidata, council-by-council in Tasmania. Lots of photos of these areas to categorise as well, from WLM. Import process is mix-n-match and an additional data source for coordinates etc. Project pages for this are on Commons and Wikidata, and link to a Google doc with info about progress etc.

Sam: heritage lists, Inherit WA on mixnmatch and importing into Wikidata. Some geocoding - not necessarily acccurate.

Thomas: working on getting WIR data into Wikidata, to make e.g. a map of where they are: http://w.wiki/At$ (colours indicate end date). There is a lack of WIRs in the global south.

Tom: we have had GLAM events that haven't resulted in WIR positions, but we could still map these, and look at whether there is scope in these places/institutions to have futher engagement. Good to have people in our community who know Wikidata well, who we can contact (e.g. recently https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/User:99of9 helped Tom and Sam get the inHerit data into mix-n-match). Prospect of a new User Group for biota (or a subgroup within WMAU). WikIClubWest is the only current club asking WMAU for assistance. Means it's the guineapig for processes around funding etc.

Committee: met in Melbourne on 12-13 October. Some travel issues. New committee members were introduced to various systems and processes. Main work was around annual plan. Newsletter content (went out this week). Front page of WMAU wiki is the place for all info about what's going on. Spaces will be used at some point, when we can feed those events back into our wiki. For now, we're putting all content on our wiki.

What is the best schedule for these meetings? The next one will not be on a Monday. Any suggestions, please let us know.

Evenings that are no good: 2nd Thursdays are WikiClubWest meetings.

Wikipedia Day is Wednesday Jan 15th, launch of 1lib1ref. Would be a good day to meet online.

Other committee weekend items: budget planning; hand-over tasks such as bank signatories. Two new WMAU members.

Worked on the funding-application process on the website. The process is still being improved. A flowchart will be drawn up, to help everyone udnerstand the process.

Event-in-a-box documentation is in progress: https://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Event_Planning

A Community Capacity Survey has been in progress for about a year. A first-run survey is in progress now; once we are clearer about what to ask, we'll add a global banner for anyone logged in in Australia.

This Friday @1.00 pm (eastern time) https://latrobe.zoom.us/j/641518436 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:GLAM/La_Trobe_University

Wiki Science competition: launches on Nov 1st. Not active in Australia yet, but maybe we could aim for next year. Tom was Australian coordinator a few years ago, but communication from organisers wasn't helpful. Competition is limited to photos (no diagrams); specialised photography, and hard for non-scientists to contribute. http://www.wikisciencecompetition.org/image-categories/ https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Science_Competition_2017_in_Australia Large part of the work for these competitions is in promotion, but we don't have time for this year. WMAU should decide which competitions to support, and which to not worry about.

350 entries for WLM this year, compared to 1000 in previous years.

WSC is every two years. Timing at end of year doesn't work as well for Australian academic year (given lots of interest is likely to be from universities).

WLE, WLS, and WLM in the space of 4 months might be an issue.

Trove private beta demonstration. About 2 years ago WMAU was invited to the consultative committee to talk about the Trove rebuild (after they gained funding after the threat of closure). 18 months of development process. Digital Transformation Agency resonsible for other restructuing of govt websites. Process has really been more user-testing with the groups who have been involved (i.e. not much feedback given).

New funding model: partners with content in Trove pay. Complicated structure; bottom rung is ~$1000. Partners who have their content harvested are also paying.

Next community meeting date/time. Pru will send out a Doodle poll. Maybe about 25-30th November.

Partnerships discussion: who to invite to these community meetings.

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