Wikimedia Resident and Scholar Program

Wikimedia Resident and Scholar Program Australia

The Wikimedian in Residence (WiR) and the Wikimedia Visiting Scholars programs have been running internationally and in Australia since 2010. They were developed to support contributions and enhance access to quality research sources, expert knowledge and technical innovations through partnerships with universities, libraries, museums and other public institutions.

Residencies vary from institution to institution. A Wikimedian in Residence can work with staff, volunteers, students and the wider community to train in the Wikimedia projects, advocate for free sharing of knowledge, or help an organisation to share their collections openly.

The aim of these programs is to engage organisations to host editors, content creators, or community engagement professionals to work on Wikimedia related projects for a period of time - either in paid or voluntary positions.

Current Wikimedia Australia Residencies

Australia has several active residencies in 2023.

  • Amanda Lawrence is at ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S). Read more about their work here.
  • ACMI has engaged a Wikimedian in Residence to expand Wikipedia content and integrate Wikidata content within the ACMI website.

Past Australian Residencies

Wikimedia Australia’s past residencies have worked with the State Library of New South Wales, State Library of Queensland, Australian Paralympic Committee, and Museum of Perth.

In 2022, James Gaunt was based at the Australian Music Vault adding content to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Read more about their work here.

Examples of Wikimedia Resident and Scholar Programs around the world

Read more examples about different Wikimedia residencies from around the world here.

Guide to best practice for Partner Projects and Wikipedians in Residence

Consider and plan:

  • Identify the goals for the project/resident
  • On-wiki experience of resident  (training can be provided by WMAU)
  • Confirm the format: duration, hours per week etc.
  • Whether additional funding available from your organisation (or in kind support, eg, whether a designated workspace and/or computing or scanning equipment is available)
  • Permissions for access to resources or collections
  • Two way collaboration and information sharing between your organisation and WMAU
  • Designate a key contact person within your organisation
  • Create a plan for the WiR role, to identify the focus and success criteria with scope for adapting as the residency develops.
  • Outline of broader engagement activities (eg, editathon, information sessions, training of staff/public, social media campaigns, media coverage, etc)
  • Understanding of Conflict of Interest policies, and other related on-wiki policies. (desirable)

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