Meeting:Committee (2021-06-21)

Committee (2021-06-21)
Normal monthly Committee meeting. Committee members and observers only.

Region: National
Location: Online (Zoom)

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Committee meeting

21 June 2021

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).


Date: Monday 21 June 2021
Time / time zone: 5pm AWST / 7pm AEST
Meeting channel: Zoom


Attendees: Alex, Amanda, Pru, Sam, Tom (and Caddie)
Leave of absence: Jacinta
Absent: Steven

Previous minutes

Minutes of previous meeting:

Moved: Alex
Seconded: Pru


Matters for decision

ACTIONS - dealt with under appropriate reports below

Approve WMAU Communications Strategy - Caddie

All comments adopted. I have added suggested Email Signatures also for approval.

Decision: That WMAU adopt the Communications Strategy as drafted and publish it as PDF on the WMAU website under Governance.
Moved: TomH; seconded: Canley; outcome: Accepted
Action: For agenda: discuss crisis management both internal and external issues. Risk management is not only a communications issue.
Assigned to TomH.

Approve Ramen as contractor for Comms/Branding work - Caddie

Two quotes were sought from people with track records. Response from Ramen Studio received indicating that most elements can be delivered within the budget of $3000 with invoice before 30 June 2021. Has good illustration skills. Available and ready to go if we want to go ahead with the plan.

Decision: That WMAU purchase a bundle of hours worth $3000 from Ramen Studio based in Sydney to undertake communications work as per the Branding Brief.
Moved: TomH; seconded: Pru.mitchell; outcome: Accepted

Further questions: How will approval process occur? In rounds or when finalised Where will it be hosted for review? Logos not an issue Letterhead - a few people could review Slide deck and illustrations should come back to next meeting

Approve GLAM applicant, Mike Dickison, - Caddie

One application was received which met all requirements: (Redacted) We need a volunteer from the committee to support Caddie and Mike in this project. Our timeline for this September 2021 pilot delivery. Tom and Pru volunteered to support Caddie and Mike Tom concerned about consistency

Decision: That WMAU contract Mike Dickison to develop GLAM Training Modules to the value of AUD$3000.
Moved: TomH; seconded: AmandaSLawrence; outcome: Accepted
Action: Set up meeting with Tom, Pru, Caddie and Mike to clarify project scope.
Assigned to Caddiebrain.

Test materials with small library or museum to road test.

WLE Prizes - Pru/Alex

The lack of a policy covering competition management and prizes has led to confusion in the Wiki Loves Earth 2021 campaign. There has been a request to the committee to increase the number of budgeted prizes from 10 to 15 for this competition. This will cost an additional $500.

Decision: That WMAU extends the number of Wiki Loves Earth prizes of $100 from 10 to 15 for 2021.
Moved: Canley; seconded: Pru.mitchell; outcome: Accepted

ACTION: Inform Margaret about the increase in number of prizes from 10 to 15 and the judges. All communication about prizes comes from the committee. Website update: competition has closed, prizes will be announced mid July.

ACTION: Caddie will draft a policy on campaigns for future Committee management. Ensure parameters of competition is decided before things are made public. Judges, prizes,

Pilot Internship Program - Caddie

RMIT student James Gaunt contacted WMAU to write an assignment on the State Library of Victoria’s lockdown editing efforts. He has since enquired about undertaking an internship with WMAU as per this brief document. He has applied for reimbursement to cover his time/costs of the internship as per his volunteer application.

Activities would include writing case stories about WMAU projects, events, promotion etc. Committee member

Decision: That WMAU accepts RMIT student James Gaunt as an intern for 15 days from July 2021 to be managed by the Coordinator Community Outreach and Engagement with support from the President and Treasurer. As part of the Volunteer Support Program, that James also be given a grant to the value of $1800 to develop an intern program and other administrative support.
Moved: Pru.mitchell; seconded: AmandaSLawrence; outcome: Accepted
Deliverables to be circulated within committee

Financial Approvals - Pru

Decision: Community Support and Outreach Coordinator monthly invoice: $3,840.00
Moved: Pru.mitchell; seconded: Canley; outcome: Approved
Decision: Caddie Travel to Sydney for First Nations Edit-a-thon 10 July (per diem only, no accommodation required): $102.34
Moved: Pru.mitchell; seconded: Canley; outcome: Approved

Key Matters for Discussion

Motions for Noting

  • Email determinations to be recorded on Google Drive and in Decision Register: (Redacted)

Preference not to use Google for recording information. Rather to create a table on the minutes document and on Wikimedia Au for Actions and Decisions. If they come from an email the decision will be recorded on the table and in the minutes.

Action: Sam and Caddie to test out options for formatting new recording system.
Assigned to Samwilson.

Pending actions from previous meeting

Caddie coordinate development of a brief for a Census Tool (2 - 4 weeks work) - even a slide pack mocking up what we think it might look like. - Pending
Published to Comm Wiki and Public website: - Complete
  • Secretary to send out notices
  • Approach/recruit possible nominations, organise brainstorm meeting
  • Committee to receive nominations
  • Pru to check membership and committee rules
Caddie to work on Facilitators document and present at next meeting - Pending

ACTION: Website illustrations and getting user feedback, Sam, Caddie - Complete ACTION: WikiScience participation email, Pru - Complete

  • Coordinate commissioning and development of online training modules for GLAM - Complete


Community Support and Outreach Coordinator report


1Lib1Ref report: (Redacted) WLE closed: 1200 entries


June Newsletter:

Social media report:

Twitter: May - 64 tweets / 5415 profile visits / 92.1K impressions / 51 mentions / 33 new followers April - 33 tweets / 4270 profile visits / 27.1K impressions / 54 mentions / 35 new followers March - 22 tweets / 1987 profile visits / 26.4K impressions / 26 mentions / 35 new followers

Facebook: May - 10 posts / 1060 reach / 35 engagements / 36 post clicks / -1 new followers April - 22 posts / 129 engagements / 87 post clicks / 2179 reach / 5 new followers March - 6 posts / 118 engagements / 90 post clicks / 1402 reach / -1 new followers

Meetings summary

June Community Meeting Toby Hudson, City of Sydney edit-a-thons 1Lib1Ref Drop-In Sessions x 5/6 James Gaunt, 1Lib1Ref Student Article and Internship

New actions?

President's report

  • Coordinator Position - Alex/Pru

Currently filled by Caddie Brain. Three month trial period has been very successful. Strategic plan and direction: committee supports continuing role for Caddie Brain for fixed term 12 month position from July 2021 to end June 2022. Proposed titles: Executive Officer, Wikimedia Australia Processes of decision making for financial: review if we can allocate a discretionary amount per month.

Decision: That Wikimedia Australia appoints Caddie Brain as Executive Officer for fixed term 12 month position.
Moved: Canley; seconded: AmandaSLawrence; outcome: Accepted
  • Wikimania WMAU affiliate session proposal

Due 11pm AEST tonight. Link: (Redacted) Feedback and then submit

Movement Strategy
Global Conversations meetings

Secretary's report

Reports from funded projects


  • Australian National University edit-a-thon proposal

Treasurer's report

Profit & Loss Statement since last meeting

Profit & Loss Statement 16 May - 20 June 2021

  • Current Account balances as of 20 June 2021
    • Westpac: $ 78,940.76
    • CC: $ 1,984.65
    • PayPal: $ 415.26
  • Income: $590.10 in donations, $0 in interest $18.10 new memberships (2)
  • Expenses $26.75 website hosting, $47.27 Xero, $8.84 Paypal fees, $83.64 Catering Uni Newcastle, $74.55 Travel Picture This,
  • 2020-21 Budget: (Redacted)
  • Simple APG 2021-22 Granted and signed 21 June 2021 AUD$86,355.23
BAS due 2 March 2021 still outstanding - waiting on advice re credited invoices from previous period which are resulting in BAS not being accepted
  • Update Travel Policy

Updated links to most recent ATO page on

MOTION: That the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Moved:Tom Seconded:Alex

Technical report

  • phab:T283304 Release new WMAU skin to all users
  • phab:T284896 Add 'link' param to {{PAGEBANNER}} to change target
  • phab:T210363 Remove spam from noongarwp wiki
    • Does anyone care about this? Do we want to keep these two wikis?
  • phab:T285172 Allow wiki files to be used as menu icons
  • Might move WMAU website to the Australian data centre, might not be much difference but may be a bit quicker.
  • Request for committee training/instructions on setting up events and events pages


Global activities

  • Brand Network - Alex

Still nothing to report

  • SWAN (Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network)

  • Etherpad notes from June meeting: Next meeting: TBD (July)

Next meeting:

  • WIkiCite / Wikibase / Koha connections - possible area of investigation for major project/partnership with Catalyst and NZ User Group

ACTION: Pru to initiate meeting

National activities

  • Noongarpedia: Nyungar spoken words on video

Wikidata and GLAMs outreach proposal progress update

Draft Matrix, Candidate Collection Preparation Checklists and Wikidata value proposition documents published as Wikidata: Engagement with Australian GLAMs ACTION: Pru to ask Rebecca to present on the project and meeting at a COmmunity meeting. History of Paralympics Project Paralympics editathon in Sydney ACTION: Pru to follow up with Tony and get Tony to present - Still in progress It would be good to reach a broader audience. Can we piggyback on other organisations to seed presentations on our project?

Action: Amanda to contact some possible organisations about our capabilities relative to similar projects as Wiki Scholar and other relevant topics/issues.
Assigned to AmandaSLawrence.
Trove infrastructure

ACTION Pru: Invite a Trove rep to speak at a Community meeting about Trove API, Australian Library Gateway and/or Partner IDs Wikidata project

Australian Women’s Register

Presentation at November Community meeting - Report required ACTION:

  • Know my Name

ACTION: Pru and Caddie: update and Facebook group management NGA - report from Caddie about future online event Art+Feminism theme for Vic & ACT Sat 6 March - Report from Caroline due end March Uni Sydney Mon - Report from Bunty due end March WOMESA online edit-a-thon - Report from Caddie

Local activities



Safe Spaces Policy Review

UCoC policy has been approved by the WMF Board of Trustees, currently in Phase 2 - community conversations and approval. ACTION: Watching brief to review this when the WMF Global Code of Conduct is determined.

Outreach to Public Relations Institute of Australia - raised at Community meeting

To increase understanding in the sector about Wikipedia’s policies Summarise COI rules and user name policy - ‘handy hints to preserve your reputation’ Is this a top 3 problem for us in Australian content? What positive message/advice can we give? ACTION: Steve will look at drafting this and Caddie will review - not urgent

Survey - review members’ responses - recommend merging questions

(Redacted) ACTION: Pru to follow up with banner ad - Not done yet, but we’ll get to it.


ACTION: legally drafted template for organisational partnerships. Define levels of partnership. Active and Past partnerships. Partnerships page: Add start & finish dates and review dates - For next meeting

Meeting close: 8.50 pm AEST

  • Next Community meeting: Wed 14 July 2021, 7pm (AEST)
  • Next Committee meeting: Mon 19 July 2021, 7pm (AEST)
  • AGM: 8 August 2021


  • Approve new website Wiki skin - Sam

Moved: Seconded:

  • Crisis Communication Management Policy - Caddie
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