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Resolution:2011 Wikimedia Conference
Resolution:2012 Annual General Meeting
Resolution:2012 Annual General Meeting electronic election
Resolution:2012 Annual General Meeting electronic election decision
Resolution:2012 chapter-selected board seats
Resolution:2019 Westpac account signatories 2019-08-01

That the signatories of the Westpac bank account be changed to only Gideon Digby, Tom Hogarth, Robert Myers, Steven Crossin, and Pru Mitchell, and that all other existing signatories be removed.

Resolution:2020 Westpac account signatories 2020-08-11

That the signatories of the Westpac bank account be changed to only Robert Myers, Steven Crossin, Alex Lum, and Pru Mitchell, and that all other existing signatories be removed.

Resolution:Bank account for fundraising appeal 2010-10-25

A second account is to be opened at Bendigo Bank, and all money from the fundraising appeal will be deposited into this account.

Resolution:Change of postal address 2010-11-09

The postal address listed on the website for fundraiser and financial matters will to be changed to the Treasurer's PO box.

Resolution:Chapters Council 2012-03-29

To ensure a fair and coordinated approach by chapters to organisational matters, Wikimedia Australia supports the creation of a Chapters Council that will operate as a unifying body representing Wikimedia chapters. Wikimedia Australia believes that a unified voice for the chapters will mutually benefit all parties, and will address some of the many structural and administrative challenges that our movement faces.

When the Wikimedia chapters' deliberations on the Chapters Council's structure and function approaches a conclusion, Wikimedia Australia will be in a better position to discuss and announce our position regarding joining a newly created Chapters Council. In the interim, to assist in the creation and development of a federated body of chapters and thereby ensuring optimum success in this endeavour, Wikimedia Australia will consider making contributions in the form of financial and/or other resources, ultimately to be defined, towards the furtherance of this goal and if requested by any interim council or competent authority within the newly created Chapters Council.

Wikimedia Australia will continue to keep themselves informed of the drafting process, and to this end contribute and coordinate along with other chapters to effect a successful outcome. For the purpose of matters relating to the formation of the Chapters Council, including the drafting of a Chapters Council Charter, Wikimedia Australia's delegation to the Wikimedia Conference 2012 in Berlin, namely Craig Franklin and Anne Frazer, are authorised to speak on behalf of the chapter's management committee.

Resolution:Craig Franklin and Kerry Raymond as observers of the committee 2013-11-24

Craig Franklin and Kerry Raymond are invited to be non-voting observer members of the committee.

Resolution:February 2013 Bendigo health information workshop 2013-01-21

Wikimedia Australia supports the proposal:Bendigo health information workshops 2013 project put forward by the La Trobe University's Faculty of Health Sciences, and for the February workshop Wikimedia Australia approves $400 for catering and printing of workshop training material, and approves $860 for trainer travel expenses to be approved once Leigh Blackall has provided a list of possible trainers and associated costs for each trainer after a public call for expressions of interest has been made. Reimbursement decisions are to be made by the treasurer on provision of receipts.

The committee also asks Leigh to make direct contact with at least ten Melbourne based Wikipedians who may be interested in assisting in the workshop.

Resolution:HOPAU Workshop May 2012
Resolution:John Vandenberg server access 2012-12-27

Noting that the committee election has now concluded, and being satisfied from Adam Jenkins' election report that the election was conducted in a fair and impartial manner in accordance with the rules of the association, that John Vandenberg's access to the server be restored as soon as possible.

Resolution:Meta 2011 conference 2012-07-17

Wikimedia Australia grants Siska Doviana (Executive Director, Wikimedia Indonesia) travel and accommodation expenses to attend Meta 2011.

Resolution:Meta 2011 conference 2012-07-17

Wikimedia Australia sponsors the Meta 2011 conference for $2,000.

Resolution:Paralympics 2012 funds reallocated
Resolution:Passing resolutions by wiki 2009-02-15

Allow committee resolutions to be proposed, passed and failed by the method of wiki-based discussion and voting.

Resolution:Promotional pens 2010-08-08

The committee approves the payment of $400 to Australian Online Printing for Bic Clic Stic promotional pens.

Resolution:Publication of minutes 2008-11-16

Minutes will be published first on the Committee wiki, and will be forwarded to the members mailing list two days after the minute taker has informed the Committee that they are ready to be reviewed, if no objections are raised.

Resolution:Thank you letters 2010-05-26

That official thank you letters signed by the President on behalf of Wikimedia Australia be sent to the Wikimedia DE and Wikimedia France chapters in relation to their kindness in supporting the attendance of Sarah and Andrew at the April 2010 Chapters meeting.

Resolution:Treasurer (Michael Billington) 2013-12-04

The management committee appoints Michael Billington as Treasurer, in accordance with section 21(4) of the rules of the association.

Resolution:Wikimania 2012 travel grant - committee members
Resolution:Wikimania 2012 travel grant - Liam Wyatt
Resolution:Wikimania 2012 travel grant - Steve Zhang and Jutta von Dincklage
Resolution:Wikimania 2012 travel grant - whiteghost.ink