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Committee meeting

29 October 2018

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Committee) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

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  • Time / time zone: 4.00pm WA / 5.30pm NT / 7.00pm ACT/NSW/VIC
  • Meeting channel: Skype
  • Minutes channel: (link redacted)
  • Attendees: Pru, Tom, Gideon, Sam, Robert.
  • Apologies: Steve, Julian

Previous meeting

Two previous meetings' minutes required approval:

Business arising and actions

Sam to pay Miraheze $50 and request reimbursement.
All Xero users need to register for 2FA within the next month. Google Authenticator app gets around the SMS requirement (for easier use overseas). Membership register: who has access, responsibility, what’s the process. Renewals are being sent out under various names (depending on who raised the invoice in Xero). We need more than one membership officer, but we need to be clear about the process. Current arrangement is because the previous Secretary was both Secretary and Treasurer. Some data was lost with handovers between past Committee members. More discussion is required; we’ll do this at the face-to-face in Melbourne. Robert can grant access to the current register (on Google Drive).
Arrow green.svg Action: Pru to produce procedures about the membership process.


President's report

F2F committee meeting, 9 - 11 November in Melbourne
program drafting
confirm travel arrangements (link redacted)
Friday evening: dinner at Coffeehead, afterwards to meeting-room, where we’re got projector etc. so can hopefully dial Julian in if he’s available. Saturday: same meeting room from as soon as reasonable after breakfast. Focus on the Community Capacity documentation. After lunch, working on topics from previous 2 sessions, esp. around strategic plan. Hopefully get Julian to join as well.
Sunday: Shrine in the morning (no passes, so just general attendance). Public Wikimedia meetup at 12:30, venue t.b.a. but it’ll be in the city. Should we be focusing more on movement matters, rather than WMAU-specific things such as membership and Committee functioning, considering the visitors from NZ and WMF? Technical discussions/demonstrations.
Mike and Biota issues - VIP to include somewhere over weekend
Important to maintain awareness of what hats each of us is wearing for the weekend.
Summit 2019 (March) Berlin -
Motion: That the WMAU policy be that the President attend these, with someone else chosen as a back-up in case they can’t attend. Needs to be decided by the end of the year.

Secretary's report

Delayed on comm wiki and public wiki rebuilding
Delayed on secretarial issues

Correspondence report

Pru Mitchell (sp as per email) - scam warning.
ICC Sydney - Wikimania (randomly sent to me [Robert])

Treasurer's report

Account balances: Westpac; Acc: $55,712.65, CC: $116.57, PayPal: $614.65
APG tracking:
Held over to the next meeting - been busy with work commitments
Sam moved to accept the Treasurer's report, Pru 2nded. Passed.

Membership report

Action: Pru to add new members to register on GDocs.

Communications report

Caddie not here. Next newsletter in December, after Melbourne meeting

Technical report

Backups of the website noongarwp spam. Both NYS wikis can be made read only permanently. Sysadmin access Adam and Michael as backup access.


Local activities

Tony Naar Invictus Games workshop, last weekend
Asaf - Uni Sydney: Toby & Frances.
Kerry running training with students in gender course at UQ SA
Pru presented on Wikidata at Open Access Week, Panel for Analysis & Policy Online 25/10/2018 Request for Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries training early 2019
Fremantle Maritime Day stall went well.
Wiki Club West plan for 2019 being worked on
Peel Harvey Development
Perth Convention Bureau
Canning library.
Breakfast meetup with Asaf, 13 Nov
Evening meetup with Asaf

National activities

Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 Australian judging

Global activities

ESEAP 2019 - funding issues WMF recommendation is we convert to a national apply for 10K conference and then open it up to eseap members to present and attend


membership rules
5. Register of members

(1) The Secretary must keep and maintain a register of members containing-
(a) the name, address and email address of each member; and
(b) the date on which each member's name was entered in the register.
(c) the date on which each member ceased to be a member;
(d) the cessation reason for each member, to be recorded as death, resignation, expulsion or otherwise.

Len Collard meeting with Asaf re Noongarpedia
Side note: Camera Equip Grant Update: over 500 photos uploaded and more on the way - detail update report to be done and publicly posted.


Meeting closed: 5.45 / 8.45pm, next meeting Meeting:Committee (2018-11-19) and then fortnightly to Christmas.