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Application test bob 2019-10-13 123



Art+Feminism Laptop Stickers Caroline Phillips 2021-05-17 213

Production of 1000 Art+Feminism laptop stickers as promotional collateral to support gender diversity events program during March.

Promotional materials to support community outreach in events focused on overcoming gender bias on Wikimedia platforms, particularly for use in March each year. Will also grow Art+Feminism brand in Australia.

Approved 2021-05-17 Meeting:Committee (2021-05-17)
Australian Honours & Wikipedia project Kelly T 2020-11-16 $1,125.00

This initiative is to produce an illustrated data essay that compares two systems of recognising notability of Australians. The money will be used to create an illustrated/interactive essay, accessible on the web. The visualisations and accompanying text will be based on an academic paper and news article which explores the connection between the recognition systems of the Order of Australia and Wikipedia.


This initiative supports Wikimedia Australia's mission to increase public awareness, support and participation in the projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF). By creating an engaging and interactive version of the academic research, it is hoped that this project will create a new audience for the work that has been undertaken. The essay visualisations will support Wikimedia Australia's media campaign for January 2021, supporting both the Wikipedia 20th birthday and the honours announcement on 26 January. Success will be in the form of clicks on the data essay and resulting publicity about the project.

Approved 2020-11-16
Be connected, WMAU table Gnangarra 2019-10-21 $77

Outreach and community awareness, this is part of WikiClubWest work with Seniors recreation Council of Western Australia. The Be connected event is focused on seniors and technology. WCW is promoting the use of Commons App as way of contributing while doing activities. WCW is alos promoting our fortnightly meetings and digitization of media for upload to commons.

  • Printing of flyers and posters $51
  • Parking for two vehicles $26

Criteria is to have;

  • follow up with at least one other participating organisation,
  • to talk with 25% of the overall attendees,
  • to gain insights as part of the preparation for Have a go day where the audience will be 15,000+
  • report on the event written.
Approved 2019-10-24 Discussed via email
Coordination of projects in WA universities Gnangarra 2021-01-09 $1500

Building on a number of once-off activities that I have run in Western Australian universities over the past ten years, the time has come to develop a more coordinated approach to Wikimedia projects in WA universities.

I propose in 2021 to focus on the following activities:

  • Establish a partnership with UWA and facilitate projects that use content from the Historical Encyclopedia of Western Australia in Wikimedia projects
  • Assist with establishing a Wiki Scholar program in WA universities
  • Respond to additional requests from WA universities to support edit-a-thons, and present to staff and students
  • Support adhoc WMAU activities

The funds requested are to partly fund two components of this work:

  1. Out-of-pocket expenses: General costs include travel, parking, catering, and equipment. For instance, university network security requires me to upgrade to a laptop with WiFi 6 — 802.11ax hardware and software
  2. Facilitation: A notional stipend that recognises the significant time, effort, and support required to get education projects off the ground and to keep building momentum for success. This also includes the time and coordination involved in collecting data and reporting against Wikimedia and University objectives.

This education program contributes to each one of Wikimedia Australia’s three purpose statements: organising educational events that promote development of Free Cultural Works, increasing public awareness, support and participation in Wikimedia projects; and developing resources to assist Australians in the creation and maintenance of Free Cultural Works. It will also contribute to Simple APG metrics of participants, partnership and media stories. The University sector is an important and effective segment for WMAU to target for outreach and education objectives.

Success measures to be reported against include:

  1. Establishment of a partnership with UWA that results in re-use of content from the Historical Encyclopedia of Western Australia in Wikimedia projects
  2. Reports in media and/or social media that celebrate the Curtin University spoken Nyungar project
  3. Sharing knowledge with the global Wiki Education community, eg reporting at regional meetings, establishment of a WA WikiScholar program
  4. Coordination of two online or face-to-face for WA university staff or students

A progress report against these success measures will be provided to WMAU by;

  • 30 June 2021 to be eligible for second payment of $500.
Approved 2021-01-11
Develop materials to support Australian GLAMs engagement with Wikidata Matthew Moore 2020-05-04 8000

Wikimedia Australia has a long history of working with the GLAM

(Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) communities. Primarily these projects have focused on Wikipedia although there have been some examples of Wikidata projects. WMAU wants to build on those existing relationships to drive the uptake of the Wikidata platform.

Discussions with the Wikidata GLAM community and a review of the existing materials indicates that there are significant gaps in the resources to materials needed to facilitate this onboarding. In particular, more work is required to fill out:

- “Pre-upload” stages of GLAM institutional engagement (a value proposition, early stage planning, data identification and prioritisation); - “Impact” stages (measurement, benefits realisation). - Examples of existing content and engaged Australian institutions: - Data and media partnerships workflow - Integrating your bibliographic data with Wikidata from naught to aught

We would like to commission a content developer to build out the content within the existing framework and with Subject Matter Expert (SME) input from the global Wikidata community.

Simultaneously, we would work with the Australian Wikimedia community to identify suitable institutions to approach and test the materials in an iterative way.

We envisage the following timeline: - May - agree funding, advertise role, appoint content developer, commence engagement with global Wikidata and Australian Wikimedia communities. - May - develop content with SME input, commence testing with Australian Wikimedians and their GLAM contacts. - June - finalise v1.0 of Wikidata GLAM engagement content in multiple formats (Web, PDF, PowerPoint, demos).

Outcomes - A foundational set of globally reusable deliverables that can be further developed. - Content for webinars to brief the Wikimedia Australia community presenting to GLAMs about Wikidata - Improved relationships with Australian GLAM institutions. - Data from 5 new institutions to be identified as target datasets to be available via Wikidata, and pitch made to these GLAMs - Project report

Role advertisement

Wikimedia Australia is seeking expressions of interest from content development professionals to fulfil the above brief.

Essential experience - Content development for generalist audiences in a variety of formats (e.g. web, PDF, PowerPoint) - e.g. instructional design, technical writing, content marketing. - Subject Matter Expert interviewing - esp. remote and international interviews. - Ownership of the entire writing, reviewing and publication process. - Project management of content review and roll-out

Desirable experience N.B. These are NOT essential and we will consider candidates that do not have any of these criteria. - GLAM sector - Open data - Wikidata platform - Sales & marketing enablement


Total fee available for this project (incl. GST) is $8,000.

Scope is negotiable.

You will need an ABN and you will invoice us and payment will be made before 30 June 2020.

EOI process

By midnight AEST Monday 11 May 2020, please submit via email to the contact below with the subject line ”Wikidata GLAM EOI”: 1. A CV (pdf) 2. A sample work product 3. Contact details (email & telephone) for one referee 4. Your ABN details 5. Your daily rate (incl. GST if applicable)We may arrange an interview based on this. By midnight AEST 14 May 2020, we will select a service provider.

Agreement signed and project commences 18 May 2020.

Project to be completed by 30 June 2020.

Contact Matt Moore matt.moore@wikimedia.org.au

Approved 2020-05-25 Https://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Meeting:Committee (2020-05-25)
Have a Go Day - Flyers I Gnangarra 2019-10-24 $250
Flyers for WikiClubWest. Designed by Alex Lum

Flyers printed on a single A4 250gsm gloss as used during the Be connected day artwork as per that being supplied by Alex, printing through Office Works. 1,000 A4 flyers to then be cut as 2xA5, using heavier card as both are intended to be retained for a longer period of time a references

The objective is to use these to engage with the estimated 15,000+ attendees at Have a Go Day on 13 November 2019. The attendees will then be able to retain these cards to use to contribute to the projects through the Commons App and to engage with the Perth community for workshops, events, and other outreach activities both as individuals and through their local organisations.

Approved 2019-10-30 Approved via email
Wiki Club West 2021 Tom Hogarth 2021-01-17 $1,500

Wiki Club West Events in the first and second half of 2021.

The events require fares and payments. The events would be open to current members of WMAU. The events would involve a mixture of photography, documentation, and verification of information available. In some cases, interviews or capturing of information from people willing to be involved.

The events would require preparation and in some cases pre-event activity that would be not part of the funded events, to check on the fuctionality of the events having a good basis in being in place within the WMAU mission.

The events organised (as opposed to simple social events with focus or scope) in the past that have been conducted by WMAU in Perth, or by Wiki Club West in the past have included:

Bus Trip to Toodyay to be involved in an editathon at the Toodyay Library
Boat Trip around Fremantle Harbour
Photographic outings Wiki Takes... capturing places and things likely to change due to new developments

In the case of the examples given above, improved content on english wikipedia and wikidata, additional material in the photographic collection on commons.

The locations and dates of the events have not been finalised, but the proposed events might include:

(day trips would include substantial if not total contribution to fares)

  • Day trip to Rottnest to update and improve content in commons, data and english wikipedia
  • Day trip to Nungarin or a similar location in the wheatbelt where multiple heritage properties are located and inadequately recorded or documented
  • Day trip to the Avon Valley with possible inclusion of York, Northam and Toodyay as stopping points

Wikipedia promotion - either stalls or displays at third party events

Equipment, and general materials have already been acquired through this programme, they would continue to be used for the events

  • Parking fees and or transport costs where beyond easy access
  • Incidental costs arising from attending events
  • to organise, support and participate in educational and social events that promote the development of wikipedia (modified from 'free cultural works'

The events are very specifically focused upon the promotion and increased awareness of the wiki club west community here in Western Australia - the largest state of Australia, and any event organised by wiki club west would involve opportunities to promote knowledge and understanding of the capacity of the local and national organisation to facilitate further knowledge of and involvement in wikipedia

The criterion of success of the events is the close monitoring of material uploaded or added directly related to events - such as pageviews, and other metric based evalutions.

Participation is another important criterion - the number of people, and the amount of material created or added - where the materials are specifically tied to the subject/focus of the event.

Most editors who have been involved in events in the past have been experienced editors, with substantial edits in wikipedia projects. In the event of publicity around the events in 2021, new editors who are prepared to be involved would have their membership subsidised by wiki club west in the event of proven and valid participation in the events by photographs and or contribution in wikiprojects.

Wikimedia Australia pilot internship James Gaunt 2021-06-21 $1800

This grant will fund the development of a pilot Wikimedia Australia internship program for tertiary students. The pilot program will enable a tertiary student studying journalism, data science, computer science, information studies, museum or GLAM sector related story, to undertake a Wikimedia Australia internship.

The grant will fund 15 days work through a stipend of $1800 for student James Gaunt from June 2021 until October 2021 to work with Wikimedia Australia to develop and roadtest documentation as supervised by Community Outreach and Support Coordinator Caddie Brain. As part of RMIT's Graduate Diploma of Journalism, students are required to undertake at least one internship of 15 days to complement studies and gain relevant industry experience.

Once established, the Wikimedia Australia internship will give students a chance to research and publish feature stories on the WMAU blog, write resources and internal communications, support WMAU events and workshop activities with partner organisations and contribute to ongoing research projects as negotiated with each participating student.

2021 Intern: James Gaunt

James is a writer, illustrator, and librarian from Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of Making Psyence Fiction, a book on the early career of James Lavelle and DJ Shadow, and has written extensively on the English record label Mo’ Wax.

James’s illustrations have been featured in Doll Hospital, and several small zines. He also creates short hand-drawn animated films, such as Five Penguins and Santa’s Hat which can be watched both in English or French.

He completed a Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Management at University of South Australia, and has a keen interest in exploring how libraries connect with and are used by our communities.


Previous writing on Wikimedia and Libraries: How the State Library of Victoria spent their lockdown improving Wikipedia: https://jamesgaunt.com/?page_id=97

  • Fifteen days work (7 hours per day)
  • Development of internship program (documentation and workflows)
  • Develop a dataset retaining to Australian Music with GLAM industry partner
  • Six case studies
  • Participation/support of delivery of at least one workshop
  • Brief activities report
Approved 2021-06-28 Meeting:Committee (2021-06-21)
Wikipedia Banner Gnangarra 2019-10-23 $79

Reusable item for improved visability of WikiClubWests & WMAU connection to Wikipedia during events. as per recommendations of https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_tables_and_displays , specifically We had very prominent Wikipedia branding, it is the brand everyone knows and it attracts people. We found this to be much more successful than presenting Wikimedia

Asset required for Have A Go Day November 13, 2019

Large X Banner Matte polyester finish, lightweight designed for both indoor and temporary outdoor use. Banner to display File:Wikipedia-logo-v2-en.svg cost based on Officeworks online order for pickup https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/Print-And-Copy/X-Banners. Note: As designed by Alex: https://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/File:WikiClubWest_Banner_Large_841x1800.pdf This request is for the Committee to order the item from Cannington Officeworks and WikiClub West to arrange pickup.

This item will not by itself contribute to WMAU's mission nor will there be a way of measuring any specific success directly from it. The item is for branding purposes to create a ready identification of what we do.

Approved 2019-10-30 Approved via email
Women in STEM Edit-a-Thon and Panel Caddie Brain (on behald of UNSW) 2022-10-21 400

Catering support for the Women and non-binary people in STEM Wikipedia edit-a-thon at The Quantum Terminal, Sydney.

The event features an edit-a-thon, followed by a Q&A panel featuring:

  • Erica Hediger: Founder and CEO of the Creative Element
  • Prof. Tanya Monro: Australia's Chief Defence Scientist
  • A/Prof. Alice Motion: Westpac Research Fellow and Deputy Director SydneyNano SydneyNano (Academic Development and External Engagement)

Edit-a-thon: 11:45am - 3:30pm Panel: 3:45pm - 5pm followed by networking

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/women-in-stem-edit-a-thon-and-panel-tickets-419366525567

  • No of attendees
  • Dashboard metrics
WriteWomen Dr Bunty Avieson 2021-02-18 $400

We are holding an International Women's Day edit-a-thon on Monday 8 March 2021, to write women into Wikipedia. The event will provide training and support for new editors and provide an opportunity for the local editing community to come together. The funding is to facilitate the event and to provide light catering.

We aim to give people the skills they need to get started as Wikipedia editors and the encouragement to keep going. The event will strengthen Australian content. We'll be running training for new Wikipedia editors, and provide names and references of notable women for inclusion.

Success will be measured by the number of attendees, level of skills acquired during event and number of successful articles/contributions.

Approved 2021-02-22