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ABC Sydney radio interview, October 2018 2018-10-17 Audio, radio

Listen back to a recording

Adding Australian Music To Wikipedia 2022-11-11 James Gaunt

Increasing discoverability of Australian artists

Adding Jaxsta - the Australian database of international songwriting credits - to Wikidata 2022-10-12 James Gaunt
Wikidata coloured WP20Symbols FIREWORKS.png

How we're using Mix'n'match to add Jaxsta profiles to Wikidata

Announcing our new Executive Officer 2022-09-21 James Gaunt WP20Symbols WikiSource.svg

Welcoming Belinda Spry to Wikimedia Australia

August 2015 Melbourne meetup 2015-09-01 Melbourne_yarra_twilight.jpg

A short report

Bringing the whole zoo to Wikidata 2022-08-01 [[w:User:MargaretRDonald|Margaret Donald]] Koala branch.jpg

Wikidata Fellow Dr Margaret Donald on her project populating Wikidata with Australian animals.

Exploring government departments by linking Wikidata to the National Archives of Australia 2022-10-31 Tim Sherratt

A guest post by Tim Sherratt

Filling in the gaps with Queensland photo runs 2015-08-20 Michael B. Old Cleveland Police Station.jpg

Many major Australian cities have articles about places and buildings in them which have not been systematically photographed.

Four years of Women Write Wiki 2021-03-15 Caddie Brain
Women Write Wiki banner.jpg

One of Australia's longest-running editing groups celebrates four years

Gender equity on Wikipedia forms part of new NGA plan 2022-03-08 Editors at the QAGOMA IWD 2020 Edit-a-thon in Brisbane, Queensland.jpg

Wikimedia Australia's partnership with the National Gallery of Australia forms part of its new Gender Equity Plan

Growing the representation of Australian Women in Religion through Wikidata 2022-08-24 [[w:User:Kerrieburn|Kerrie Burn]] Kerrie Burn headshot.jpg

Wikidata Fellow Kerrie Burn on her project investigating Wikidata and data visualisation.

How Australian libraries are turning to Wikipedia during the global pandemic 2021-08-13 James Gaunt
Banner library.jpg

Libraries everywhere are adding to Wikipedia

Inaugural Wikidata Fellows announced 2022-03-23 Caddie Brain

Meet the new Wikidata Fellows for 2022!

International Women's Day 2021 2021-03-13 Audio Radio hidden
July 2015 Perth Meetup 2015-07-18 Michael B

A short report

June 2015 Melbourne meetup 2015-06-28 Michael B.

A short report

Making Australian Music Visible 2022-11-04 James Gaunt Grace Funston and Roy Brinsden performing in Pat Hanna's Diggers, Theatre Royal, Brisbane, 1926.tif

A guide to uploading images onto Wikimedia Commons

Mapping the Barassi Line 2022-07-20 Brett Tweedie

Wikidata Fellow Brett Tweedie on his project exploring the great football divide in Australia

Melbourne meetup, October 20 2015 2015-10-05 Michael B

Join us at Federation Square

Melbourne meetup, Sunday June 28 2015 2015-06-18 Michael B

All Wikimedians are invited

Melbourne meetup, Wednesday August 12 2015 2015-07-19 Michael B

An invitation to all Wikimedians

Memories of ESEAP 2022 2022-11-23 James Gaunt ESEAP 2022 dinner cruise - Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House - view from the waters.jpg

Increasing discoverability of Australian artists

Misinformation and Wikipedia 2022-09-28 James Gaunt Wikipedia20 Knowledge.svg

A Symposium from University of Canberra

New look for the WMAU website 2021-07-20 [[User:Samwilson|Sam Wilson]]
2021-07-20 wmau skin.png

A new MediaWiki skin was enabled for wikimedia.org.au

New Wikimedian in Residence explores Australian music content 2022-07-18
APAC Archive.jpg

Wikimedian James Gaunt undertakes new residency at Australian Music Vault

October 2015 Melbourne meetup 2015-10-22 Michael B

Our 30th meetup held in Melbourne

October wikiD Workshop held in Melbourne 2015-10-11 Michael B
11953480 962733990452902 2164931316534347556 o.jpg

The second wikiD: Women, Wikipedia, design

Over 1000 references added for 1Lib1Ref 2022-06-09 Caddie Brain 1Lib1Ref stickers.jpg 1Lib1Ref

Librarians across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand unite to improve Wikipedia

Paralympic history made visible 2022-02-23
Sochi2014 SB-Training AUS 193 edited.jpg

How one of Australia’s longest running and successful Wikipedia equity projects is preserving Australian paralympic history

Perth meetup, Saturday July 18 2015 2015-06-25 Michael B

All Wikimedians are invited

Populating Wikipedia: New tool integrating Australian Census data 2022-07-21 [[w:User:MaiaCWilliams|Maia Williams]] Population density of Australia states territories.png

Wikimedia Australia develop a new module automating the updating of population data

Putting Australian music on the record 2021-11-30 James Gaunt

New Wikipedia projects aims to increase discoverability of Australian artists

Subscribe To Our Newsletter 2022-08-31 James Gaunt WP20Symbols mail.svg

Wikimedia Australia relaunches public e-newsletter

The Record Is Going To Geelong 2022-04-04 James Gaunt Geelong Sculptures (60549390).jpeg

Our next in-person event!

Using Mix’n’Match to make connections on Wikidata 2021-08-25 James Gaunt Wikidata-logo-en.svg

An easy to use tool for the whole community

What do our new laws mean for free content in Australia? 2015-06-26 Michael B U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Gary Chitwood, a tactical automated security system (TASS) administrator with the 380th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, tests a fiber optic wire 130320-F-ME639-036.jpg

Creative Commons, Copyright, and Australian Laws

What I learnt interning with Wikimedia Australia 2021-09-29 James Gaunt

James Gaunt reflects on being Wikimedia Australia's first intern

Wiki Loves Earth winners announced for 2021 2021-07-30 James Gaunt

Fifteen stunning photographs are crowned winners of Australia's most popular open access photography competition

Wiki Loves Earth winners announced for 2022 2022-08-20 James Gaunt The Pinnacle, Grampians National Park Sunrise.jpg

Australia's most popular open access photography competition has crowned this year's winners

Wikiclub NT 2020-10-01 James Gaunt Edit-a-thon in Tennant Creek.jpg

How a Wikipedia club added NT history online

WikiD Workshop, Sunday 11 October 2015 2015-10-05 Michael B

To be held at MADA Monash University in Melbourne

WikiD Writing Workshop held in Melbourne 2015-09-13 Michael Billington WikiD Logo.png

A Wikipedia workshop was held at Monash University in Melbourne, as part of the WikiD project.

Wikidata and R: a perfect pair 2021-06-03 Thomas Shafee and Canley
Letter R in red surrounded by green at Rutgers University.jpg

Introducing WikidataR: A new package linking the open source programming language R and WIkidata

Wikidata Turns 10 2022-10-03 James Gaunt WD10 - square background - circle shape - light.jpg

Celebrating 10 years of Wikidata with tutorials and local events

Wikimedia Australia and Wikimedia Aotearoa New Zealand launch 2023 Wikidata Fellowship 2022-10-28 James Gaunt Wikidata-logo-en.svg

We're offering Wikidata fellowships grants worth $1000 each

Wikimedia Australia at the Australian International Airshow 2015-03-07 Michael B

Wikimedians visit Avalon

Wikimedia Australia Drop In Sessions 2022-09-28 James Gaunt

Drop in and join us with any Wikipedia questions you have

Wikimedia Australia launches a new GLAMR training program 2022-03-16 Ballina BigPrawn2.jpg

Explore Wikimedia platforms and projects that could extend your collections and engagement

Wikimedia Australia launches inaugural Wikidata Fellowship 2022-01-10 Caddie Brain Wikidata-logo-en.svg

Wikimedia Australia is offering two Wikidata fellowships grants worth $1000 each

Wikimedia Australia to host ESEAP Conference 2022-07-01 Caddie Brain WP20Symbols mail.svg

Apply for up travel assistance to join us in Sydney in November

Wikimedian In Residence Wrap Up 2022-10-02 James Gaunt

James Gaunt on twelve weeks with the Australian Music Vault

Wikipedia Turns 20 2021-01-14 James Gaunt

Let's celebrate!

Wikipedian Ann Reynolds recognised for closing the gender gap on Wikipedia 2021-11-28 Caddie Brain

Wikimedian Ann Reynolds receives a 2021 EDNA Award for Community Activism.

Worlds of Wikimedia 2022 2022-11-23 James Gaunt WOW Nov 2022 8.jpg

WOW Conference 17-18 November 2022

Writing for the Digital World - how Australian tertiary students are writing Wikipedia 2021-09-28 James Gaunt University of Sydney Main Quadrangle.jpg
Writing wrongs: Giving women artists their rightful place in history 2021-08-20 James Gaunt Participants_at_the_Know_My_Name_Edit-a-thon_Canberra_4.jpg

A partnership with the National Gallery of Australia