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ABC Sydney radio interview, October 2018 2018-10-17 Audio, radio
August 2015 Melbourne meetup 2015-09-01
Filling in the gaps with Queensland photo runs 2015-08-20 Michael B. Old Cleveland Police Station.jpg

Many major Australian cities have articles about places and buildings in them which have not been systematically photographed.

Four years of Women Write Wiki 2021-03-15 Caddie Brain
Women Write Wiki banner.jpg

One of Australia's longest-running editing groups celebrates four years

International Women's Day 2021 2021-03-13 Audio Radio hidden
July 2015 Perth Meetup 2015-07-18 Michael B
June 2015 Melbourne meetup 2015-06-28 Michael B.
Melbourne meetup, October 20 2015 2015-10-05 Michael B
Melbourne meetup, Sunday June 28 2015 2015-06-18 Michael B
Melbourne meetup, Wednesday August 12 2015 2015-07-19 Michael B
New look for the WMAU website 2021-07-20 [[User:Samwilson|Sam Wilson]]
2021-07-20 wmau skin.png
October 2015 Melbourne meetup 2015-10-22 Michael B
October wikiD Workshop held in Melbourne 2015-10-11 Michael B
11953480 962733990452902 2164931316534347556 o.jpg
Perth meetup, Saturday July 18 2015 2015-06-25 Michael B
What do our new laws mean for free content in Australia? 2015-06-26 Michael B
WikiD Workshop, Sunday 11 October 2015 2015-10-05 Michael B
WikiD Writing Workshop held in Melbourne 2015-09-13 Michael Billington WikiD Logo.png

A Wikipedia workshop was held at Monash University in Melbourne, as part of the WikiD project.

Wikidata and R: a perfect pair 2021-06-03 Thomas Shafee and Canley
Letter R in red surrounded by green at Rutgers University.jpg

Introducing WikidataR: A new package linking the open source programming language R and WIkidata

Wikimedia Australia at the Australian International Airshow Michael B